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Why Use Ready-Mix Render?

Ready-mix render is a very popular type of render that comes pre-prepared in bags or buckets. Unlike your typical sand and cement render, where the ingredients are mixed together on-site, ready-mix render is prepared during the process of manufacture. In fact, all of the ingredients are carefully measured out and bagged up to ensure a perfect mixture. In today’s blog post, we’re going to discuss the types of ready-mix render and why they are advantageous.

Types of Ready-Mix Render

Wet-mix: Silicone Render

The first thing that probably comes to mind in terms of ready-mix render is through-coloured, thin coat Silicone Renders such as the ones that we sell at EWI Pro. This particular render comes ready to use in a bucket, no need to add any other ingredients or mix with water. These renders are very high tech when compared to your traditional sand and cement; with their long list of ingredients all you have to think about is how to apply it. Thin coat renders are polymer modified, which makes them highly flexible, and therefore really popular from a low-maintenance perspective. Read our ultimate guide on our renders here.

Dry-mix: Monocouche Render

On the other hand, there are also dry-mix renders, which come pre-prepared in bags. The actual powder contents have been ready-mixed with the right proportions of ingredients put together, the product just needs the addition of water before it can be applied. This is much better in comparison to your standard sand and cement render, as it’s much harder to get this type of render wrong in terms of preparation.

Time-Saving – Cost-Saving

Traditionally, installers would mix up the ingredients on-site, judging material quantities by eye. Today, this method of rendering has been mostly overtaken by the use of ready-mix renders purely because of the time-saving benefits; ready-mix renders also often possess more advanced characteristics than your standard sand and cement – making them more appealing.

Thin coat ready-mix renders such as our Silicone Render are even more appealing in this respect. These are applied directly onto the substrate without the hassle of mixing up with water.

Ready-Mix Render is Tinted Beforehand

Our thin coat ready mix renders come in white as standard. To create the colours represented on our colour chart, and to mix up custom shades, we add special colour pigments into the render before it is dispatched from our warehouses.

When it comes to our Monocouche render, the colours are added during the manufacturing process – so the dry-mix itself is pre-coloured. Monocouche render comes in 18 natural shades to achieve a perfect finish.

The real benefit of ready-mix renders that have been through-coloured is again the time-saving and money-saving benefits. Unlike sand and cement render, which requires painting after application, these renders are simply applied to the substrate and left to dry.

If you’re interested in our coloured renders, give us a call!

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