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What is Flexible Render?

Flexible renders are a modern take on creating a decorative finish on the exterior of properties. The idea of using a flexible render is that it tends to be more long lasting, and its flexibility means that it is able to adjust to the minute movements of the building without cracking.

Flexible renders have many names, some refer to them as coloured renders, polymer-modified renders, thin coat renders or silicone renders. The key characteristic is that they are all applied on top of a basecoat in a very thin layer.

Need help choosing the right render? Read our post ‘3 Easy Steps to Choosing Coloured Render’ for some guidance!

Thin Coat Renders

EWI Pro’s thin coat render range is highly customisable. Customers can choose the render that offers the most suitable benefits for their property; for example, crack resistance or self-cleaning capabilities. Each of our thin coat renders can also be tinted to create any colour – this includes RAL and NCS colours – and they each come in a variety of different grain sizes to achieve different levels of texture depending upon preference. Thin coat render technology is known for being flexible and crack resistant and is therefore very popular with homeowners.

Premium Bio Silicone Render

The Premium Bio Silicone render is our top of the line, breathable thin coat, flexible render, offering advanced self-cleaning capabilities, enhanced impact resistance and increased UV protection. This means that it provides a long-lasting, crack resistant finish that will remain vibrant in colour for years to come.

Silicone Render

Silicone render is a notoriously high-performance flexible render. It offers breathability, crack resistance and self-cleaning capabilities. It’s a very popular choice for customers as it is commonly associated with coloured render.

Silicone Silicate Render

Silicone Silicate is a hybrid silicone render. It’s highly versatile but also great value, offering the key benefit of breathability. While it does possess less self-cleaning capabilities than our full Silicone render and our Premium Bio Silicone render, Silicone Silicate does offer a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing finish.

Acrylic Render

Acrylic render is highly impact resistant and is known for being particularly resistant to UV (it retains the colour pigment and therefore does not fade over time). It’s a well-known render as although it lacks the breathability of the silicones it is trustworthy and long-lasting.

Mineral Render

Our one and only dry-mix render, the Mineral Render requires mixing with water before application. It’s fast-drying and is therefore ideally used in cold-climate conditions and for winter installations. It comes with the same option of grain sizes, however, Mineral Render does require painting with Silicone Paint afterwards to achieve a decorative finish and provide a waterproof barrier.

Interested in EWI Pro coloured renders? Our technical team are available to offer detailed design and specification advice, as well as on-site support and training to ensure every coloured render installation across the UK is a success.

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