Awards evenings present fantastic opportunities for our valued staff to network and blow off some steam. It is also an opportunity to present outstanding projects, installers, and partners. Without our friendships and business partnerships, we would not be where we are today. Growing these relationships is integral to continued growth

We’ve received recognition at the Homebuilding & Renovating Awards, INCA Awards, and multiple Energy Efficiency Awards. We are particularly proud of the successes of our Business Development team; they make up the backbone of our offering, spending time on the road, conducting surveys, and promoting our business to new and existing customers alike. Our award drive has ramped up recently, with a successful 2023 followed by an even more successful start to 2024. The Howgate Close project is a shining example of what retrofits can achieve.
Award Recognitions


Josh Rose
Regional Business Development Manager/Director of the Year
Energy Efficiency Awards 2024 – South East
Judges Choice – Environmental Impact – New Build
Insulated Render and Cladding Association Awards 2023
New Build Wing – Exeter College
Regional New Build Project of the Year
Energy Efficiency Awards 2024 – South West

2024 Awards

Energy Efficiency Awards

East Midlands

Nick Miles – EWI Pro
Leicester Apartment Development – Nominated by EWI Pro
ProGuard Exteriors Ltd –
Nominated by EWI Pro

South East

Josh Rose – EWI Pro

South West

Exeter College – EWI Pro/Exeter College/PJB Consultancy/ Taylor Lewis Ltd
Total Render Solutions
– Nominated by EWI Pro
Naishcombe Hill – EWI Pro/Total Render Solutions
Nick Miles – EWI Pro

Greater London

Matt Hall – EWI Pro
Blackwell Road SDHF –
EWI Pro/NXT GEN/ProGuard Exteriors Ltd
Ralph Plastering
– Nominated by EWI Pro
Ralph Plastering
– Nominated by EWI Pro

West Midlands

Barlaston EWI
Render Build – EWI Pro
BrodTec Ltd –
Nominated by EWI Pro
Marches Energy Agency –
Nominated by EWI Pro
Will Dodds – EWI Pro

East of England

Averley Project – Nominated by EWI Pro
Paul Christmas – EWI Pro
Salvation Army Project – Nominated by EWI Pro
Caulfield Environmental Solutions – Nominated by EWI Pro

North West

Keele Wharf Apartment Block – EWI Pro

2023 Awards

Insulation & Cladding Association Awards
Howgate Close – EWI Pro

2022 Awards

EWI Pro’s decision to not submit applications for 2022
In 2022, EWI Pro made a strategic decision not to submit any award applications, opting instead to channel our efforts towards the expansion and fortification of our business infrastructure.

Our primary focus lay in broadening our market presence by venturing into new regions and meticulously researching and developing innovative products. This deliberate choice allowed us to allocate resources effectively, ensuring that our attention was squarely directed towards the organic growth and sustainability of our company.

While award recognition is undoubtedly esteemed, we prioritised laying a robust foundation for our future endeavours, confident that our commitment to expansion and innovation would yield substantial long-term benefits for both our organisation and our valued clientele.

2021 Awards

Homebuilding & Renovating Awards