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EWI Pro Renders: The Ultimate Guide


EWI Pro renders offer a vast range of benefits and solutions for properties old and new. Due to the fact that our render catalogue is so comprehensive, we thought we’d give a brief overview of each of our renders. So without further ado, here is our ultimate guide to EWI Pro renders.

Thin coat renders:

Thin coat renders are a relatively new render technology, known for their flexibility and crack resistance. Sand and cement render is outdated and is at times installed inappropriately without any consideration to the building structure.

Older buildings and new-builds with high performance blocks require a breathable render that will withstand the minute movements within the building structure, without cracking. This is where the EWI Pro thin coat render range really comes into its own.

Not only are our renders through-coloured to create an aesthetically pleasing finish (see our colour chart here), they also come in a wide variety of grain sizes (from 1mm to 3mm) to create different effects – whether it’s an almost completely smooth finish or a highly textured effect.

Silicone Render

Silicone render is our flagship render, offering outstanding performance and guaranteed longevity. Due to the fact that it is highly breathable and offers self-cleaning capabilities, Silicone render is ideal for those living in an area of high vegetation where maintaining a fresh and clean external facade is an ongoing battle. This is the idea render for properties old and new, as it will actively allow the building to breathe while also being able to resist cracking due to its flexibility.

Key advantages:
Self cleaning
Rich colour palette

Silicone Silicate Render

While Silicone render is indeed our premium render, however Silicone Silicate is a strong contender, offering excellent performance with great value for money. Silicone Silicate is a hybrid render and therefore offers a lower level of self cleaning capabilities, nevertheless its breathability and flexibility remain unhindered.

Key advantages:
Resistant to biological overgrowth

Acrylic Render

Acrylic render is an excellent choice if vibrancy of colour and impact resistance are key priorities. Acrylic also offers resistance to UV and is generally known for being very easy to apply.

Key advantages:
UV Resistant
Impact Resistant
Rich colour palette

Mineral Render

Mineral Render is different to our other thin coat renders in that rather than being applied straight out of a bucket, it comes as a dry mix and therefore needs mixing with water before application. Because Mineral Render is a dry mix, its setting times are a lot quicker than our other renders and therefore it is perfect for installing in slightly colder temperatures. The only real downside is that because Mineral Render contains Portland cement, it needs painting afterwards with a Silicone Paint to seal it against the elements and provide a decorative finish.

Key advantages:
Quick drying
UV resistant

Thick Coat Renders:

Monocouche Scratch Render

Finally, our Monocouche Scratch Render is a thick coat render. Monocouche provides a pitted, sandstone effect rather than the textured effect that the grains within the thin coat renders create. Monocouche render is through-coloured, so if the surface of the render is damaged the colour underneath remains the same – so any (unlikely) chips would be far less noticeable than just a painted sand and cement render.

Key advantages:
Water resistant
Through coloured

Interested in EWI Pro coloured renders? Our technical team are available to offer detailed design and specification advice, as well as on-site support and training to ensure every coloured render installation across the UK is a success.

Use our system calculator for a quick and free estimate on materials, or give our technical team a call.

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