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01 About EWI Pro

With our advanced range of render solutions, EWI Pro aims to enhance the external appearance of properties throughout the UK. Our EWI and render-only systems are designed to suit the varying needs of the UK market, providing homes and businesses with enhanced external appearance, improved thermal performance and reduced energy costs.

03 Materials Calculator

Unsure of what materials you require? Use our quick and easy materials calculator to determine the exact quantities of the materials needed for your next project.

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04 Render Textures & Colours

Our through-coloured thin coat renders are flexible, breathable and durable. Here at EWI Pro, not only do we offer thin coat render systems in thousands of different colours, but we can custom-match any NCS colour. To achieve the texture and finish you desire, you can also choose from a range of grain sizes, from 1mm to 3mm. With our thin coat coloured render technology, you can expect maximum performance for years to come.

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