Certifications are crucial for both us and the customer. Whilst guaranteeing the quality of our products and systems to our customers is paramount, guaranteeing it to ourselves is fundamental to our ethos. Without these certifications, we cannot claim to be one of the market leaders in our industry. Therefore, we are consistent in our quest to innovate and develop. Our research and development is tailored to constantly improve our services and products, from manufacturing to design. We are proud to hold several certificates from highly respected organisations like the BBA and NSAI, alongside our Ofgem Innovation Link, which perfectly demonstrates our commitment to development.

British Board of Agrément (BBA)

The British Board of Agrément is an organisation that provides independent certification for construction products and systems. The accreditations awarded are crucial for manufacturers, suppliers, and customers for a multitude of reasons:

Quality assurance:
BBA certification is a mark of quality and reliability. It assures that the products or systems have been rigorously tested and meet high standards.
Compliance with Regulations:
The BBA’s assessments help ensure that products comply with building regulations in the UK. This is vital for safety, legal, and regulatory reasons.
Trust and Credibility:
Products and systems that have BBA accreditation are more trusted by architects, builders, and specifiers. This trust is based on the thoroughness of BBA’s testing and evaluation processes.
Market Confidence:
For manufacturers, having a BBA certificate can be a key selling point and can enhance the marketability of their products. It can be a differentiator in a competitive market.
Risk Reduction:
For those involved in construction, using BBA-certified products or systems can reduce the risk of failures and defects, leading to safer and more durable construction projects.

EWI Pro currently holds two BBA Certifications; Agrément Certificate 18/5503 for EPS/Mineral Wool EWI systems and Agrément Certificate 22/6324 for EWI Pro Render Systems Applied To Knauf Aquapanel Exterior Cement Board.

National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) Standards Shop

The NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) Standards Shop is a part of the National Standards Authority of Ireland, which is the national standards body in Ireland. This entity is responsible for developing, publishing, and promoting national and international standards to ensure quality, safety, and efficiency across various sectors in Ireland. The importance of NSAI Accreditation is underpinned by the following sections:

Quality and Safety:
Accreditation by the NSAI signifies that a product, service, or system meets high-quality and safety standards. This is crucial in sectors like construction, manufacturing, and healthcare.
Market Access:
For businesses, NSAI accreditation can be essential for market access. It indicates compliance with national and international standards, which can be a requirement for trading within and outside Ireland.
Consumer Confidence:
NSAI accreditation enhances consumer confidence. Customers are more likely to trust and choose products or services that meet recognised standards.
Regulatory Compliance:
Adhering to NSAI standards ensures compliance with Irish and EU regulations, which is vital for legal operation and avoiding potential penalties.
Competitive Advantage:
Accreditation can provide a competitive edge in a crowded market, as it differentiates products and services in terms of quality and reliability.
International Recognition:
Since the NSAI aligns with international standards, accreditation can facilitate international trade and recognition.

EWI Pro currently holds an Irish Agrément Board Certificate No. 21/0428 for EPS and Mineral Wool-based EWI systems.

OFGEM Innovation Status

The Ofgem Innovation Link is a program by Ofgem (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets in the UK) that provides support on energy regulation to innovators. It is designed for those looking to trial or launch new products, services, methodologies, or business models within the energy sector. This support is extended to a variety of entities, including existing sector players, new arrivals, start-ups, established businesses, and public and third-sector bodies. Overall, the Ofgem Innovation Link provides a supportive environment for energy sector innovation, offering guidance and regulatory flexibility to encourage the development of new and beneficial energy solutions.

EWI Pro gaining Ofgem Innovation status for the DuraShield Pro system was a huge success for us as this currently makes us the ONLY external wall insulation system designer to have the maximum 45% uplift.

The funding uplift is contingent on a series of stipulations set forward by Ofgem:
The website housing digital copies of maintenance records and the warranty will be available to homeowners for the entirety of the 60-year lifetime of the product.
An inspection is carried out within 12 months of the installation and subsequent inspections are carried out every 5 years for the duration of the warranty.
Any maintenance and repairs identified during the inspections are rectified at no cost to the homeowner with the exception of wilful, accidental damage, or vandalism.
SWIFIX fixings are used in every instance for enabling works.
A double layer of mesh is installed to increase the mechanical strength of the system.
The QA functionality is used for every installation to approve images provided by installers.
A 60-year warranty covering the system, excluding damage caused vindictively.
As suppliers, we will also be subject to holding the following evidence for the DSP system:
Product/system warranty for full 60-year lifetime (25-year TrustMark approved IGB, plus 35-year manufacturer warranty) reflecting ECO household address to which the measure is delivered.
Mid-install photographic evidence, reflecting SWIFIX fixings being used for enabling works.
Evidence that the QA has been carried out through the app or website and that each installation phase has been approved before the next phase has begun.
Evidence that the QR code has been fitted to the external wall of the property to which the system is delivered. 

European Testing Association (EOTA)

TZUS is the Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague and exists within the contextual domain of the European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA). EOTA is an organisation in the European Union that deals with technical assessments within the construction sector.

Technical Assessments:
TZUS provides technical assessments for construction products. These assessments are crucial for products that do not have a harmonised European standard but need to be assessed for their performance and safety.
European Technical Assessments (ETAs):
TZUS, as a part of EOTA, is involved in issuing European Technical Assessments, which are documents providing information about the performance of a construction product, concerning its essential characteristics.
Compliance and Certification:
TZUS plays a role in ensuring that construction products comply with the relevant EU regulations and standards. This compliance is essential for products to be marketed and used within the EU.
Research and Development:
As a technical institute, TZUS also likely engages in research and development activities related to construction materials and methods, contributing to the advancement of the industry.
Quality Assurance:
The involvement of institutes like TZUS in EOTA ensures a high standard of quality and safety in construction products, as they undergo rigorous assessment processes.

EWI Pro currently holds two TZUS ETICS European Technical Assessment; EWI Pro TF & Park Home System (ETA-23/0510) & EWI Pro EPS External Insulation System to Mixed Masonry (ETA-23/0509)