HOW can WE support you on-site?

At EWI PRO, our on-site support services are paramount within our overall scope. We pride ourselves on fostering the customer experience from introduction to aftercare. As such, offering a full range of support services is crucial to enhance our systems’ understanding. Ultimately, this allows our customers and installers to choose the most appropriate system to deliver the best performance.  
EWI PRO systems offer various thermal, acoustic, and weatherproofing performance levels. Once these parameters are understood, expectations can be managed effectively, especially cost-related ones. Therefore, our comprehensive specification services include thermal imaging, pull-out testing, and training. Failures with EWI systems are often due to poor planning and execution; thermal bridges, for example, significantly compromise thermal performance. With careful assessment and detailed planning, these pitfalls can be avoided. 

Pull-out Testing

Pull-out testing as a pre-installation service for EWI projects is an essential measure for ensuring the structural integrity and effectiveness of the insulation system. This service involves conducting tests to assess the holding strength of fixings that will be used to secure the EWI to the building’s exterior. By applying a controlled force to the fixings, pull-out testing can determine their load-bearing capacity and the suitability of the substrate for the planned insulation work.

The accurate assessment of fixing strength provided by pull-out testing enables customers and installers to make informed decisions about the most appropriate fixing methods and materials for their specific EWI project. This ensures that the EWI system is securely attached to the building, minimising the risk of future structural issues and maximising the system’s thermal efficiency and longevity.

Moreover, offering pull-out testing as a pre-installation service demonstrates an installer’s commitment to quality and safety. It reassures customers that the EWI system will be installed to the highest standards, focusing on durability and performance. This approach helps prevent potential problems and builds trust between customers and installers, showcasing the installer’s dedication to delivering an effective, reliable EWI solution.

Thermal Imaging

On-Site Thermal Imaging
Thermal imaging as a pre-installation service for EWI projects offers a proactive approach to enhancing a building’s thermal efficiency. This service involves using thermal cameras to assess the building’s existing thermal performance and identify areas where heat is lost due to inadequate insulation or structural flaws. By capturing variations in surface temperatures, thermal imaging can pinpoint specific locations where improvements are necessary, allowing for a targeted insulation strategy. 
This precise identification of heat loss areas enables customers and installers to decide where to focus their insulation efforts. As a result, the EWI system can be designed to maximise thermal efficiency from the outset, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively and that the insulation provides the most significant possible benefit. Moreover, by identifying potential problem areas before the installation begins, thermal imaging can help avoid unnecessary costs and complications during the installation process, making it a cost-effective and efficient planning tool. 
Offering thermal imaging as a pre-installation service enhances the quality and effectiveness of EWI projects and builds customer trust. It provides tangible evidence of the building’s thermal performance issues and demonstrates the value of the proposed insulation work. 


Training at the market-leading EWI PRO Training Academy as a pre-installation service for External Wall Insulation (EWI) projects represents a commitment to excellence and professionalism in EWI installation. This service offers comprehensive training sessions to equip installers with the latest techniques, knowledge, and skills necessary to install EWI systems effectively. By participating in this training, installers can ensure they are up to date with industry standards, best practices, and innovative materials and methods.

The focused curriculum provided by the EWI PRO Training Academy covers everything from the basics of EWI installation to advanced techniques like render spray machine operation. The Technical Team continues to innovate and provide new forms of training to satisfy installer needs. With over 50 years of experience among the senior training technicians, training is available to be delivered on-site.

Site Audits

Our on-site support is multi-faceted; from surveys and audits to training and post-completion assessments, EWI Pro will always guide you.

Our surveys and audits are conducted before and during the project timelines. These include substrate and compliance checks, including pull-out and wind-load testing. With over 50 years of experience in the industry throughout our Technical Team, we are well-placed to address every possible issue that may arise on a project. 

General Guidance

Retrofit projects are often fraught with pitfalls. Even when a site survey or audit identifies these pitfalls and measures are implemented, problems can still arise.

Thankfully, the Technical Team is always on hand to attend the site and assess the conduct, procedures, and techniques. The support is not limited to projects that suffer problems; our customers are always encouraged to contact us with any questions and queries about the products, techniques, and industry practices. 

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