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Monocouche Scratch Render EWI-090 

Monocouche Scratch Render is a dry-mix, one coat, polymer-modified render. Once mixed with water and applied to the wall, it provides an aesthetically pleasing finish that will survive the test of time. The render comes pre-coloured in a choice of 18 colours and, once scratched back, the finish produced is chalky and pitted with a sandstone-like texture. The render is considered to be a traditional render as it is applied in two passes to create a thick coat. Nevertheless, the render is very flexible and crack resistant. We advise that for enhanced tensile strength and stability, a Fibreglass Mesh is embedded within the render.

Intended Uses

The EWI-090 Scratch Render is a versatile, decorative render that can be applied by hand or by spray machine. Unlike ready-mixed EWI Pro renders, the Monocouche Render comes as a dry-mix, so it requires mixing with water (5.5 litres) prior to application.

Application Conditions

  • Monocouche Scratch Render should be applied in temperate weather and should not be used in temperatures above 30°C. Likewise, if the materials or the substrate are frozen, or if there is any risk of frost damage within the first 24 hours, work should be postponed.
  • Monocouche Render should not be applied in rain or humid conditions, or if wet weather is expected before the render has set.
  • Setting time is dependent upon environment and humidity. Monocouche Scratch Render will reach optimal strength after 28 days.
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