As a BBA approved product, EWI Pro is quickly establishing itself as the No.1 external wall insulation solution for the UK.


At EWI Pro, we have an incredibly rich and diverse history as system designers. Having been in operation since 2011, we have a deep pool of experience and understanding of the retrofitting industry. Through innovation and evolution, we have remained one step ahead of the industry; as such, we have become the industry leader in render and external wall insulation solutions, committed to improving thermal performance and external appearance. Our commitment to excellence sees us relentlessly pursue product certification; the range of BBA-approved systems and products is consistently growing. 


We are not just system designers or manufacturers or instructors. We are all of these and so much more. The scope of our services is market and industry-leading in every facet. Through this scope, we can accommodate homeowners, installers, architects, local authorities, and many more requests.

However, we don’t just fulfil requests for specifics. Our approach is unique; it often starts with a phone call or an email, but it seldom ends there.


The industry as a whole has a lot of room for growth. Around a third of all carbon emissions are directly from the building industry; therefore, we commit to improving our practices and encourage all partners to do the same. Our Sustainability Roadmap outlines our pledges and how we plan to achieve them.
The environmental impact and energy crisis impacts the public and the industry. Through our advanced render and EWI solutions, we strive to reduce the carbon footprint at every stage. Many of our products have low Global Warming and Ozone Depletion Potential. Installing our systems paves the way for a greener future, with warmer homes, and lower bills.


In 2023, EWI Pro embarked on an inspirational journey by initiating a partnership with the Royal British Legion (RBL), a beacon of hope and support for the British Armed Forces community. Recognising the crucial role that RBL plays in offering financial, social, and emotional assistance to veterans, their families, and dependents, EWI Pro wasted no time in beginning its fundraising efforts for this esteemed organisation.

Founded in the aftermath of the First World War in 1921, the Royal British Legion has been a pillar of support for those who have served, addressing the myriad challenges they face when transitioning back to civilian life. EWI Pro is proud to align with the RBL as our chosen charity, dedicating our resources and efforts to contribute to their invaluable work. This partnership not only underscores our commitment to social responsibility but also honours the legacy and sacrifices of the Armed Forces community.


The specially designed Training Academy offers insight into our expertise, imparted to attendees in easily digestible sessions, both theoretical and practical.

Experienced EWI professionals will train students to gain an up-to-date understanding of the EWI industry and practices. With a Technical Team that holds over 50 years of experience in the industry, we are uniquely positioned to offer unparalleled guidance from the classroom to the site.

We have three state-of-the-art facilities in Aylesbury, Birmingham, and Bradford.


Our range of insulation systems are designed to help improve the thermal efficiency of a property. At the same time, our renders work to maintain an aesthetically pleasing facade that will stand the test of time. The EWI Pro product range includes:
A variety different top-coat renders, including Silicone, Monocouche, Mineral and Acrylic.
Adhesives and basecoats for EPS, Mineral Wool and Phenolic insulation boards.
A selection of different Primers that are suited to varying substrate needs.
A range of building materials, including Paints, Fibreglass Mesh, Floor Levellers. and more!


The retrofit pathway always starts with an introduction to the benefits of external wall insulation and rendering. Our customers are presented with countless examples of finalised projects alongside the financial and aesthetic benefits. From there, we delve beyond the polished surface and dissect what makes EWI systems unique.
Our Technical Team is on the road daily, conducting all manners of surveys and tests. This includes thermal imaging and pull-out testing; the information is relayed to the office-based team that processes the data to produce system modelling. Every system model is unique, as every home has quirks and problems. WUFI and Psi testing and modelling reveal all these problem areas. This is where our expert team models specialised system designs to address problem areas and create an uninterrupted thermal envelope.
The customer or installer is then guided to the material stage of our process; we manufacture high-quality basecoats, adhesives, and renders. Trusted suppliers stock them alongside approved insulation boards. Different products will produce different performance, therefore offering options to our customers is crucial. Whilst external wall insulation can represent a significant financial outlay, the payback scale is perfectly acceptable when savings and house value are considered. However, offering the choice of premium products allows our systems to be more accessible at lower price points without sacrificing performance.

Our Training Academy allows our installers to become EWI Pro Approved. The installers are then recommended to our customers as trusted extensions of our services. The commitment to an external wall insulation system comes with continued support from our Technical Team. As we offer warranties on our systems (including the newly-launched Ofgem Innovation Link approved DSP system, which offers a 60-year warranty), we are a constant presence on projects, checking over the work being delivered. We will also inspect all finalised projects to ensure they are completed to the highest standard; a warranty will only be awarded with this stamp of approval.
Given the scope of our services, our support does not stop there. Our team is always a phone call away, and our website is jam-packed with advice and further reading designed to give our customers unparalleled support. The DSP portal allows customers to review their system documentation and warranty whenever they want; they can also raise concerns directly with our Technical Team through the app.