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Find a registered EWI Pro installer

Find a registered EWI Pro installer

EWI Pro offers an online service to get you an approved installer for you external wall insulation system just by filling in a form at at the bottom of this page) Each of our approved installers has been through several training courses – provided by us! (Prior to the lock down we were carrying specialist training for existing and prospective installers, this training was delivered in two parts, the morning session was all about the theory and the afternoon we carried out a practical.)

Why choose EWI Pro?

EWI Pro external wall insulation systems are comprised of the highest quality materials. We don’t cut corners when it comes to EWI, offering a tried and tested system that is proven to stand the test of time. Our BBA approval only serves to confirm this. Our systems have undergone rigorous testing and as a result have come out on top, serving the UK market with durability, reliability and high performance. Our coloured renders won’t fade, and our insulation materials are high performing and dependable. EWI Pro systems also come with a 10 year guarantee when installed by one of our approved installers. That’s why if you’re looking for a quality external wall insulation system, EWI Pro is the best choice.

How to find a trusted EWI installer

To find one of our trusted installers click this link and follow the 5 easy steps. By filling in the form online we are able to get in touch with you about your specific needs and find the correct installer for you so that it is ensured the best possible job can be done. We will recommend our 3 top installers in your area and then that gives you the choice of who to go with, knowing each of them are approved and more than capable of completing the job for you.

BBA Approved EWI systems

EWI Pro systems are built to last, offering a range of external wall solutions for improving thermal comfort and external appearance. Our systems are highly versatile and can be used to create numerous external wall insulation solutions for a range of properties and substrates. There are 25 different system buildups on our website, all which go into depth about each step of the process. some of the buildups include: existing brick, insulated concrete forms(ICF), new block-work, solid timber construction, structural insulated panels, timber frame construction and may more etc.

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