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A Guide to EWI Pro Adhesives

A Guide to EWI Pro Adhesives

Adhesive Only

EWI-210 EPS Adhesive

The EWI-210 EPS Adhesive is designed for use purely as an adhesive for securing EPS insulation boards to a substrate. This is a quick-drying, durable and reliable product that is highly capable for securing the lightweight EPS boards in conjunction with plastic fixings.

Dual Purpose: Adhesive and Basecoat

The vast majority of EWI Pro adhesives are dual purpose. This means that they are used to provide a secure adhesion of insulation boards to a substrate, in tandem with mechanical fixings.

Secondly, these adhesives are used as a basecoat, applied on top of the insulation boards with Fibreglass Mesh embedded, they provide a smooth and stable surface before the thin coat render is applied on top. The benefit of using this kind of adhesive is that waste is minimised, allowing installers to reduce the number of bags required on site.

EWI-220 EPS Basecoat Adhesive

Much like the 210 EPS Adhesive, the 220 EPS Basecoat Adhesive is used for securing EPS boards to a substrate, as well as for creating the basecoat reinforcement layer. The 220 acts as a slightly stronger substitute to the 210 EPS Adhesive, owing to the presence of reinforcing fibres which provide a higher level of adhesion.

EWI-221 Winter Adhesive

The Winter Adhesive is designed for use even when temperatures are down to zero degrees, enabling installers to continue to work year-round. Used as an adhesive, it’s ideal for securing EPS boards to the substrate in less than ideal conditions, and as a basecoat it creates a stable and secure reinforcement layer.

EWI-225 Premium Basecoat

The EWI-225 Premium Basecoat is ideal for securing Mineral Wool insulation boards to a substrate in tandem with metal mechanical fixings. This is the strongest adhesive in the EWI Pro catalogue, offering a higher level of versatility in that it is perfect for use as an adhesive, a basecoat, below the DPC, and as a basecoat on top of Wood Fibre boards, render carrier boards or an existing render. Not only is the Premium Basecoat breathable, it also contains portland cement and strands of fibreglass within the material, offering superior adhesive capabilities for use with heavier insulation materials and for a highly stable and strong basecoat.

Basecoat Only

EWI-269 Lightweight Basecoat

The EWI Pro Lightweight Basecoat is ideal for heritage and new build properties with high performance blockwork; cases where breathability, flexibility and crack resistance are essential. Containing Lime and Perlite, the Lightweight Basecoat is high performance and versatile, ideal for use as a standalone finish (when painted) or for use as a basecoat before the application of a thin coat render. One of the unique characteristics of the Lightweight Basecoat is that it can be applied up to a thickness of 20mm in one pass without having an affect on the integrity of the basecoat.


EWI-260 Levelling Mortar

Installers favour the EWI-260 Levelling Mortar for repairing cracks and damage on a substrate before applying a render or EWI system. The levelling Mortar can fill cracks of up to 50mm wide, and once set will prevent water ingress and build-up of condensation.

Interested in using EWI Pro for your next job? Our technical team are available to offer detailed design and specification advice, as well as on-site support and training to ensure every render or EWI installation across the UK is a success.

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