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01 Training Courses

EWI Pro training is designed to guide you through the all-important knowledge and technical know-how you will need to install the EWI Pro systems professionally. The Pro Training Centre is situated at our head office in London, where we carry out our comprehensive courses. Our market-leading training modules have been approved by the BBA certification body and involve a mixture of theoretical and practical training sessions.

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Why Train
with EWI Pro?

We are fast becoming the most popular external wall insulation and render system in the UK, used by hundreds of trained installers up and down the country. EWI Pro is the only external wall insulation system specifically designed for the UK building sector, and therefore offers unparalleled performance as well as great value.
By attending our training course you will be able to get access to trade discounts as well as our 365 days a year product support.
course 1

External Wall
Insulation Training

Our EWI training sessions are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the EWI Pro systems, offering the valuable experience and technical understanding required for installing our systems. The course is aimed at giving an overview and introduction of external wall insulation, its benefits and how it’s installed.

Topics covered are as follows:
  • What is external wall insulation and why is it effective?
  • EWI Pro systems: an overview
  • How are the systems installed
  • Substrate preparation: pull tests and priming
  • Types of insulation and their corresponding fixings/adhesives
  • Preparing to render: basecoat reinforcement layer and priming
  • Rendering: types of render and best practice

As always, health and safety is paramount. During our training sessions we always discuss the various hazards you may come across on site and the ways that you can go about mitigating them – including scaffolding safety and handling tools.

course 2

Render Training

EWI Pro render training goes into depth on the different finishes that can be achieved with the different EWI Pro render systems. These render training sessions are designed to provide you with a complete understanding of the render systems, offering a hands-on practical experience of installing EWI Pro render systems.

Topics covered are as follows:
  • What is rendering: EWI Pro renders
  • Types of render and best uses: Thin coat renders, Scratch renders and Mosaic renders
  • Beading: Best practice for reinforcing an installation
  • Preparing to render: Types of basecoat reinforcement layer and priming
  • Rendering: Application techniques for a variety of renders
course 3

Spray render

EWI Pro spray render training sessions are designed to provide installers with the knowledge and technical know-how needed for installing EWI Pro systems with a spray machine. This course offers a hands-on practical experience of using a spray machine with an EWI Pro render.

Topics covered are as follows:
  • Operating the spray machine
  • Different components of a spray machine
  • How to use the spray machine for EWI Pro materials
  • Machine maintenance and support