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What does BBA Approved mean?

BBA stands for British Board of Agrément and is a certification within the construction industry, indicating a high quality, experienced and reliable company or product. A BBA status is highly regarded and used by manufacturers in the industry as a symbol of superiority. EWI Pro are committed to quality, versatility and high performance; our BBA Approval underlines these high standards, authenticating our ongoing work towards insulating thousands of properties across the UK. To view our BBA certificates you can click this link. The British Board of Agrement (BBA) ensures that all building and construction materials in the UK meet the highest of safety standards. To achieve BBA approval, our systems underwent rigorous testing in laboratories, on-site evaluations, quality management checks and inspections of production. EWI Pro have long gained marketplace acceptance with our BBA approval, which is why our systems are the trusted choice for homeowners and installers.

Gaining BBA Approval: How does the BBA test an EWI system?

The BBA testing process can take anywhere between a few months and 18 months. Once a manufacturer has their certificate, it doesn’t end there – the BBA requires that all manufacturers are reviewed and are subject to organised surveillance

During the testing process, the BBA thoroughly test the entirety of the external wall insulation from start to finish (basecoat, fibreglass mesh, insulation boards, renders etc), checking for the following things:


– Performance after hygrothermal cycling

– Colour change measurements after UV exposure

Energy efficiency and thermal performance

– Thermal transmittance (U-Value) (guarded hot box)-

– Thermal conductivity and resistance (heat flow meter)

Hygrothermal testing

– Heat/rain and heat/cold cycling (ETAG 004 environmental chamber)

– Heat/spray and freeze/thaw cycling (MOAT 22)

Mechanical testing

– Resistance to soft body impact

– Resistance to hard body impact

– Perforation test

– Resistance to pull through of fixings

– Flexural strength

– Compressive strength

– Bond strength

Water penetration and water vapour permeability

– Water vapour permeability

– Water absorption (capillarity)

Wind Loading

– Wind uplift

Passing these assessments means that when installed correctly, EWI Pro systems are highly secure and functional. Our expertly trained technical team are able to provide detailed design and specification advice, as well as offering on-site support and training to ensure every installation across the UK is a success.

Interested in EWI Pro external wall insulation systems? Use our materials calculator for an easy materials quotation, or call our technical team for further advice.

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