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EWI Pro Render Training: Become an Approved Installer

EWI Pro offers renderers and EWI installers the chance to attend our specialist render training course and join our UK-wide database of EWI Pro Approved Installers. The training covers both the theoretical and practical elements of our systems, with a chance to have a go at trying them out in our training facilities.

Who can attend the EWI Pro render training courses?

Our render and EWI training courses are open to anyone interested in using EWI Pro systems. Whether you’re a homeowner with experience in rendering/plastering; if you’re an installer who’s interested in how to use the systems; or even if you’re completely new to EWI and rendering, our courses cater to everyone.

Where do the render training courses take place?

The training sessions take place every Tuesday from 9 am – 3 pm in Aylesbury and every Wednesday from 9 am – 3 pm in Bradford. In certain circumstances, we can offer on-site training and technical advice. 

What do the courses cover?

Our render and EWI courses run for a few hours and give a complete overview of each of our systems with clear, detailed information on EWI Pro materials and best practice of application.

Once the theoretical elements of the systems have been explained, the attendee is then given the opportunity to see how the materials work up close; our trainers will demonstrate application at each stage before giving you the chance to have a go yourself.

What happens after I’ve attended EWI Pro render training?

After you’ve attended the training session, you can become an EWI Pro Approved Installer. This means you have exclusive access to special discounts, and we can send customer leads within your postcode area straight through to you.

How much does the training cost?

Our training costs £125 (Excluding VAT) per person.

How do I sign up?

Simply call 0800 1337072 to book your place!

Or fill our the form below:


Training Academy Form

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