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A Guide to Render Beads

EWI Pro render beads are designed to be the highest of quality, used for strengthening and supporting our systems. Made of uPVC plastic, the beads offer a longlasting solution for maintaining a clean-cut professional installation.

Corner Bead (with/without mesh)

Corners are more likely to encounter knocks than any other area of the wall surface, so it is very important to provide extra reinforcement with this type of beading. They also help to provide a perfect 90 degree angle. Corner beads without mesh are for use with scratch render and will be slightly visible once the render has been applied.

Corner bead with mesh is specifically used for thin coat render systems. The mesh and bead are covered over by the basecoat and render and are not visible.

Stop Bead

Stop bead is used at the edges of thin coat render systems, typically at window and door frames to provide a straight finish and help protect the render against impacts. The main aim of the stop bead is to produce a clean, sharp finish; the mesh wing is embedded into the basecoat layer to enable strength.

Reveal Bead

Using its removable tab, the reveal bead is ideal for use around windows to create a clean, crisp finish. It eliminates the need for silicone sealants, as it has a ‘O’ ring of rubber which sits on the window frame and compresses to give a waterproof seal. Reveal Bead comes in white or grey.

The Reveal Bead with sponge is slightly different in that instead of the rubber ring providing a waterproof seal, it has a sponge instead to offer the same purpose.

Bellcast Bead

Used for render-only systems, the Bellcast Bead is intended for creating a reinforced line where the render finishes (usually the DPC area). It has a lip to direct water away from the bottom of the render and the wall, preventing any issues of damp and condensation build-up.

Window Head Bead

The Window Head Bead is used to strengthen the angle at the top of the window and door reveals. To help you identify this bead, the word UP plus an arrow is printed on the mesh.

Render Movement Bead

The Render Movement Bead is used to break up and support areas where there is a large expanse of render. It is installed vertically and is primarily used to prevent cracking.

Our technical team are available to offer detailed design, maintenance and specification advice, as well as on-site support and training to ensure every render installation across the UK is a success.

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