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Here at EWI Pro, we have an experienced technical team readily available to help with all enquiries. With both office-based technical experts and field operatives, we provide comprehensive support to help you to complete your project to the highest possible standard.

Backed by world-class products, our technical team can help you through every step of your project. From tailored site specifications and warranties to technical drawings, along with computer-generated images and CPD courses, we've got you covered.

As the construction industry becomes better regulated, it is imperative that the correct products are used for your project. Our technical team are here to support you with all decision-making processes.

For technical assistance, please call 0800 1337072

the technical support we offer to specifiers includes the following:

Continual Professional Development (CPD)

We have partnered with CPD partners to offer bespoke talks and presentations on all aspects of thin coat and thermal renders.

Site-specific specifications

We offer a detailed manual of how the system is installed to a competent standard and is specific to your project.

CAD drawings (+ other technical drawings)

We include different details for all system aspects, including joints, abutments and finishes, to help ensure applicators are installing correctly.

Warranty info

We include all warranty and certification requirements, including IAA, SWIGA, BBA and NSAI requirements.

Technical guidance

We can provide U-value calculations, pull-out tests, wind load calculations, condensation risk analysis and other technical guidance specific to the project.

Site support and technical mentoring

We can act as a go-between for the specifiers and the contractors carrying out the project to ensure technical compliance.
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