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01 Technical Team

Here at EWI Pro, we have an experienced technical team ready to help with any enquiry you may have. With both office-based technical experts and field operatives, our well-rounded team is dedicated to helping applicators through the entire installation process. From initial training to on-site monitoring, we've got you covered.

As the demands of the construction industry continue to rise, applicators must feel confident in relying on an experienced team to complete projects smoothly or to assist them with any complications that may arise during the installation of an EWI system.

For technical assistance, please call 0800 1337072

The technical support we offer to our applicators includes the following:

Site-specific specifications

This is a detailed manual on how the system is installed to a competent standard.

Application advice

Should any issues occur during the installation process, we offer over-the-phone advice as well as on-site support where needed.

System detail drawings

We offer both CAD and PDF files comprising different details for all system aspects, including joints, abutments and finishes, for applicators to ensure they are installing systems correctly.

On-site and classroom-based training

Our friendly and competent technical staff are on hand to offer practical training to help applicators improve their installation technique.

Continual Professional Development (CPD)

We have partnered with CPD to offer bespoke talks and presentations on all aspects of thin-coat and thermal renders.

Site support and technical mentoring

We would regularly audit your site to ensure the projects are installed to the best possible standards.
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