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01 Guide to EWI Pro renders

From improving thermal comfort to enhancing external appearance, EWI Pro renders offer a vast range of benefits and solutions for both existing and new build properties. As our render catalogue is so comprehensive, we have outlined the key characteristics of our most popular renders below.

Our technical team are available to offer detailed design and specification advice, as well as on-site support and training, to ensure every coloured render installation across the UK is a success.

Our comprehensive render catalogue includes:

Nano Drex Silicone Render

Combining nano-particle silicone polymers, mineral fillers and pigments, Nano Drex Silicone Render is our most advanced silicone-based render. Its advanced hydrophobic properties actively prevent problems with organic growth, offering a perfect, long-lasting finish.

Premium Bio Silicone Render

One of our leading silicone-based renders, Premium Bio Silicone Render offers advanced mechanical resistance, UV protection and durability. Its advanced hydrophobic features work to attack organic growth, making it perfect for buildings located in areas of high vegetation.

Silicone Silicate Render

Our flagship silicone-based render, Silicone Render is renowned for its long-lasting, hydrophobic and aesthetically pleasing features. Once installed, Silicone Render requires minimal upkeep and maintains a stand-out finish, positioning itself as a customer favourite.

Silicone Render

The most popular of all, Silicone Silicate Render offers both great performance and great value. Brilliantly versatile and hydrophobic, the Silicone Silicate Render is perfect for achieving a classic finish that will stand the test of time.

Acrylic Render

Our best-value render, Acrylic Render is renowned for its ability to retain colour pigments, even after prolonged exposure to UV. Acrylic Render is a perfect choice if strength, crack resistance and colour vibrancy are key priorities.

Mineral Render

Mineral Render is a dry-mix render. Owing to its extremely fast drying time and excellent performance, this is the most effective choice if you live in a cold or rainy climate. Nonetheless, it requires painting over with our silicone paint to seal the system.
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