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01 Benefits of EWI

Here at EWI Pro, we pride ourselves on delivering a range of advanced EWI and render-only systems. While EWI can be considered a large investment, its long-term advantages make it extremely worthwhile. If you're unsure whether to invest in EWI, we have collated the main benefits to aid you in the decision-making process.

From improving thermal comfort to enhancing external appearance, EWI offers an array of benefits. Outlined below are just some of the main advantages of installing an EWI or render-only system.

EWI and render-only systems can help to:

Enhance external appearance

An EWI system includes a render finish that enhances both the functionality and external appearance of a building. Our renders come in a wide range of colours and textures, creating a unique finish that will stand the test of time.

Increase facade durability

Here at EWI Pro, our superior range of renders are highly flexible, breathable and hydrophobic. All these components help to improve the durability of the building's facade given that they are less liable to crack, develop organic growth and cause damp issues.

Improve thermal comfort

Thermal comfort refers to a building sustaining a comfortable temperature throughout all weather conditions. Whatever the weather, EWI can ensure that the inside of your property is the perfect temperature for feeling comfortable.

Reduce heating costs

By sustaining heat in a building, energy bills are dramatically reduced. A four-bed detached house can expect to save approximately £455 a year on energy bills when installing 90mm of EPS onto a solid brick wall.

Increase building lifespan

As EWI covers the entire exterior of a building, the building is not only prevented from losing heat but also water ingress. The render acts as a weather-proof barrier for the building, thereby increasing its lifespan.

Reduce CO2 emissions

With external wall insulation, the need for gas and electric usage is minimised throughout the year. Therefore, buildings with EWI benefit from the fact that they are contributing towards helping the environment.