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Here at EWI Pro, we know that deciding on a colour for your render is tricky, let alone the textured finish. Therefore, we have produced thousands of samples, all varying in grain size and colour, to assist you in choosing the right finish for your next project.

If there is a colour you require that is not on the list, i.e. any RAL, NCS or Pantone colour, please contact us to order a sample.

Colour or Grain Sample

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choose grain size

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choose colour

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Due to differences in screens, colours may not be accurate. Please request a sample if you're unsure.

Pure White image Pure White 20001
Platinum image Platinum 28080
Elderflower image Elderflower 23544
Fog image Fog 27495
Ice image Ice 28058
Clay image Clay 27570
Haze image Haze 28014
Frost image Frost 28050
Cloud image Cloud 27566
Silver image Silver 27120
Mirror image Mirror 24194
Concrete image Concrete 27491
Storm image Storm 27116
Diamond image Diamond 27420
Smoke image Smoke 27416
Truffle image Truffle 27041
Ash image Ash 27412
Lead image Lead 27554
Acorn image Acorn 27037
Linen image Linen 28048
Orchid image Orchid 28088
Ivory image Ivory 28018
Mist image Mist 28038
Porcelain image Porcelain 28010
Copenhagen image Copenhagen 28078
Antique White image Antique White 28076
Eggshell image Eggshell 28028
Bone image Bone 28012
Sage image Sage 25070
Silk image Silk 26470
Paraffin image Paraffin 20168
Sandstone image Sandstone 28070
Magnolia image Magnolia 28036
Prosecco image Prosecco 25820
Opal image Opal 28056
Almond image Almond 28030

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