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The Difference Between an Approved and Recommended Installer

At EWI Pro, we have two distinct levels for our installer network. Some installers fall into the Approved Installer bucket, whereas others are Recommended Installers. But what do these labels mean? We’ll discuss that in today’s blog. However, there is one thing you can be sure of; any Approved and Recommended Installer in partnership with EWI Pro will deliver the highest standard of work.

What is an Approved Installer?

An Approved Installer is the primary level of our installer network and is achieved by completing our Training Academy courses. The Training Academy has a diverse set of courses designed to cater to complete novices and experienced renderers. With over 60 years of experience amongst our Training Team, we’ll always have tips to offer any level of experience. The courses are as follows:

Introduction to External Wall Insulation

Our External Wall Insulation Training is designed to offer a comprehensive overview of the EWI Pro systems, delivering the technical knowledge and skills required to install our systems proficiently. Through a range of modules, the course is intended to provide you with an excellent understanding of external wall insulation, how it’s installed and its benefits.

Introduction to Render-only

Our Render-Only Training offers an in-depth insight into the range of finishes that can be achieved with the different EWI Pro render systems. The render training sessions are designed to offer a comprehensive understanding of the range of render systems on offer, with hands-on practice in installing EWI Pro render systems.

Spray Machine Training

The EWI Pro Spray Render Training sessions are designed to provide installers with the underpinning expertise and technical know-how required for installing EWI Pro systems with a spray machine. Offering hands-on practice using a spray machine with an EWI Pro render, this course will equip you with the relevant experience before working on-site.

On-site Training

Our EWI Pro on-site training involves a visit from our technical team. They will attend your project and conduct training on-site. For further information, please call us on 0800 133 7072.

Product Familiarisation

Our Product Familiarisation course is aimed at experienced installers who do not currently use EWI PRO materials and would like a comprehensive overview of the EWI PRO product range. This training course combines classroom-based theory with practical training. Therefore, working knowledge of render systems is required.

Advanced Rendering Techniques

Our advanced rendering techniques course is aimed at experienced installers who wish to enhance their knowledge of our EWI PRO product range. This programme will teach participants how to deal with problem areas such as below-damp courses and use some of our decorative finishes, such as Mosaic render. The full-day course will comprise an in-depth theoretical presentation followed by hands-on practical training. All tools and equipment needed for the course will be supplied.

PAS Training

PAS2035, first published in 2019, represents the British standards for retrofitting dwellings. Compliance with the standards is a requirement for all retrofit programmes using government funding. Our PAS Training Course is specially designed to address the principles, best practices, and the importance of these standards. 

Our network of approved installers is the heart of our prospects distribution. We often have customers come to us for help with specifications. Once those are completed, we can pass the jobs for pricing onto our Approved Installers.

A Recommended Installer is slightly different. This group is made up of installers who have passed through the warranty process at EWI Pro. We insist upon several steps to receive our warranties, and they tie in with INCA and PAS guidance.

Our warranties are categorised into two types: government-funded and privately funded, with the duration varying according to the system. All materials must be sourced from EWI Pro and include an approved build-up. For government-funded EWI systems, we offer a 25-year certification and guarantee, whereas render-only systems are covered for 10 years. For privately funded projects, both EWI and render-only systems are guaranteed for 10 years. We also offer a 45% uplift and 60-year warranties through the Ofgem Innovation Link DuraShield Pro system.

Under the EWI Pro guidelines, we provide the material warranty, while the installer assumes responsibility for the labour. Should any issues arise, the installer will cover the labour costs. This arrangement stands as long as the materials used are purchased exclusively from EWI Pro. These materials are available through our partners at EWI Store.

The warranty process relies on the submission of 5 photos clearly displaying specific areas of the system:

  1. Stress patch – A stress patch of fibreglass mesh around the window is crucial to promote strength during construction.
  2. Basecoat & mesh – The mesh must be embedded fully in the basecoat.
  3. Board – Follow an approved boarding pattern. The L shape around windows is crucial to display.
  4. Fixings – Fixings must follow approved patterns that work with adhesive to fix boards securely.
  5. Finish – A smooth and consistent render finish.
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