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The EWI Pro Warranties

EWI Pro offers a set of warranties that can cover our materials when used as part of our approved systems. We have gone to great lengths to ensure the materials supplied are of the highest quality, and are therefore more than happy to provide such warranties, in line with government policy. However, we often get asked about the process of getting a warranty. In this edition of our company news, we will give you the full guide on the how!

What warranties do we offer?

Our warranties are split into Government and private funded, and they vary in length depending on the system. Once again, all the materials must come from EWI Pro and must include and approved build up. Government funded EWI system can be certified and guaranteed for 25 years, whilst render only systems can receive warranties for 10 years. Private funded guarantee our systems for 10 years. This is the case for EWI and render only systems.

The guidelines for EWI Pro dictates that we provide the material warranty and the installer is liable for the labour. If a problem does occur, the labour will be covered by the installer as a result. As long as the materials used are all sourced from EWI Pro, we will cover the material portion. The materials can be purchased with our partners at EWI Store.

How can you apply for a warranty?

The easiest way to apply for an EWI Pro warranty is via the Installer Portal. The portal provides a place for installer to access all of their certificates, as well as our BBA Approved systems, and various install guides. The warranty process relies on the submission of 5 photos clearly displaying specific areas of the system:

  1. Stress patch – A stress patch of Fibreglass Mesh around window reveals is crucial to promote strength in the construction.
  2. Basecoat & mesh – The mesh must be embedded fully in the basecoat.
  3. Board – Follow an approved boarding pattern. The L shape around windows is crucial to display.
  4. Fixings – Fixings must follow approved patterns that work in tandem with adhesive to fix boards securely.
  5. Finish – A smooth and consistent render finish.

As you can see on the images above, mesh patches are installed around the window reveals. Additional basecoat seals in the stress patches. The mesh is embedded in the basecoat and will fully sink down to provide strength. The fixings follow an approved pattern (the two options are visible below). The fixings also have to spaced 1 metre apart, and ideally reinforced with a mesh stress patch. We do not require this to be shown in the pictures, but do recommend the practice. Thermo dowel caps are also available to seal the fixings ingress. The staggered pattern of the board placement is similar to that of brickwork or blockwork for the same reasons. The overlapped joints promote strength and stability in the construction.

Where can I go to apply for a warranty?

The easiest way to apply for EWI Pro warranties is the Installer Portal, but you can also contact out Training & Development Team. Drop them an email on to discuss further!

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