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Previewing the EWI ProCast

Following the success of Episode 1 of the EWI ProCast, we thought we would provide an advanced look at who will be joining Nick Miles in the upcoming episodes.

Reviewing Episode 1 – Paul Brown, Swifix

The episode focuses on Paul’s journey in the industry; Paul has significant experience in the construction and energy efficiency sectors, specifically in external wall insulation (EWI). Brown discusses his career trajectory, starting as an apprentice plasterer and developing an innovative S-fix product to improve EWI installations. He highlights challenges in the sector, including skill shortages and the need for more efficient, green solutions. Brown also discusses his commitment to raising standards and efficiency in the construction industry, reflecting on his motivations and the impact of his work on energy efficiency and sustainability.

Who is Swifix?

Swifix is a UK-based company that has developed a unique solution targeting the construction and renovation sectors, particularly focusing on the challenges faced during the refurbishment and insulation of existing buildings. Their core innovation lies in creating a range of fixing solutions designed to secure external insulation and cladding systems to buildings while ensuring that the integrity of the building’s waterproofing and insulation is maintained.

The issue Swifix addresses is significant in the construction industry. When buildings are retrofitted with external insulation or new cladding systems, traditional fixing methods can often penetrate the thermal envelope, leading to thermal bridging and potential moisture ingress. This compromises the building’s energy efficiency and can damage the structure in the long term. Swifix’s products are designed to overcome these challenges by providing a fixing solution that is both secure and minimally invasive, thus preserving the building’s thermal integrity and reducing the risk of moisture-related issues.

Swifix’s product range is versatile, catering to various building types and materials. This flexibility makes it an attractive option for contractors and developers looking to retrofit older buildings with modern insulation materials without compromising energy efficiency or durability. Moreover, their solutions are developed with an eye towards ease of installation, ensuring that projects can proceed smoothly and without unnecessary delays.

In addition to its product offerings, Swifix is also committed to sustainability. By enabling more efficient insulation solutions, they reduce buildings’ energy consumption and, consequently, their carbon footprint. This aligns with broader industry and governmental goals towards achieving more sustainable construction practices and reducing the environmental impact of the built environment.

Previewing Episode 2 – Mike Blakely, Exeter Future Training College

In the EWI ProCast episode 2, we’ll hear from Mike Blakely of Exeter Future Training College. This episode will spotlight the crucial role of green skills in shaping a sustainable future, emphasising the significance of education and vocational training in cultivating a green workforce. Mike will discuss Exeter College’s innovative approaches to upskilling for green jobs, highlighting the importance of aligning educational frameworks with environmental sustainability goals. Expect a focus on how green skills can drive the transition towards a more sustainable construction sector and beyond.

Green jobs are positions in agriculture, manufacturing, research and development, administrative, and service activities aimed at conserving or restoring environmental quality. Specifically, they help to protect ecosystems and biodiversity, reduce energy, materials, and water consumption through high-efficiency strategies, de-carbonise the economy, and minimise or altogether avoid the generation of all forms of waste and pollution.

Previewing Episode 3 – Bruce Priday, Smarti Environmental

In Episode 3 of the EWI ProCast, we’re joined by Bruce Piday from Smarti Environmental, a company at the forefront of eco-friendly solutions. Smarti Environmentals specialises in innovative environmental services, focusing on reducing carbon footprints and enhancing energy efficiency across various sectors. The episode will dive into the company’s cutting-edge approaches to sustainable practices, highlighting their impact on the construction industry and beyond. Expect an insightful discussion on the future of green technologies and how Smarti Environmentals leads the charge towards a more sustainable world.

The discussion will explore the alarming possibility of London running out of water, considering the city’s growing population, climate change, and infrastructure challenges. We’ll delve into how water demand is outstripping supply, the impact of frequent droughts, and potential solutions to avert a water scarcity crisis. This topic underscores the urgent need for sustainable water management practices and innovations in water conservation to ensure the future water security of London.

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