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Case Study – Premium Bio Silicone Render onto EPS

At EWI Pro, we specify many projects throughout the UK. They vary in size, scope, and system application. From large-scale commercial projects to small-scale residential, we cover every type of project. As we’ve discussed recently, we provide a comprehensive range of testing processes. These include wind-load tests, moisture testing, and pull-out tests. Our Technical Team also provides expert U-value calculations to ensure the system is suitable. In our new series of blogs, we will shine a light on specific projects and the build-ups they utilise.

Many retrofit projects will consider the weather conditions. The UK has unpredictably inclement weather year-round, however, this property considers more than the weather. The location is close to the beach. Therefore, it is exposed to the harmful sea air, which carries salt and sand. Both can be abrasive and damaging to the facade. They can also contribute to the growth of microorganisms. Thankfully, our Premium Bio Silicone Render is on hand for these problem areas.

Project details

– Substrate: Blockwork
– U-Value change: 2.2W/(m2K) – 0.3W/(m2K)
– Basecoat: EWI-220 EPS Basecoat
– Finish: EWI-076 Premium Bio Silicone Render
– Colour: 10001 Brilliant White
– Location: Bognor Regis
– Installer: Wall To Wall Plastering Ltd

The build-up

The build-up utilises a full EPS system, which incorporates multiple materials, all specially designed to work in harmony and deliver an extremely durable system. We always recommend sourcing all the materials for a specific system from us. EPS Basecoat has a dual purpose, which means that it acts as the adhesive and basecoat. It is designed to work as the adhesive for EPS. More importantly, the use of it reduces the overall wastage on site. EPS has well-advertised benefits, lowering the overall U-value of the building. As such, less energy is required to heat the home. Consequently, energy bills are lower, which is particularly desirable during the current energy crisis.

The mesh within the insulation system is multifunctional, playing a pivotal role in both reinforcing the basecoat and enhancing the longevity of the structure. By evenly distributing stresses, it diminishes the chances of cracks caused by factors such as thermal variations and structural shifts. Beyond reinforcement, its resilient yet adaptable nature enhances the EWI system’s resistance to impacts, whether from natural elements or human activities. This same flexibility becomes invaluable when accommodating the minor movements of substrates, a common occurrence in buildings subjected to temperature fluxes and structural adjustments. Furthermore, the mesh’s intricate woven design fosters a tight bond between insulation boards and render, ensuring not only a robust connection but also bolstering the overall energy efficiency of the EWI system.

Why Premium Bio Silicone Render?

Our Premium Bio Silicone Render stands at the forefront of our silicone-based coloured render collections. Designed with advanced silicone technology, this render is renowned for its superior mechanical resistance, UV shielding, and exceptional elasticity, ensuring lasting durability. A noteworthy feature is its innovative self-cleaning agents. These agents actively combat and dissolve organic growth, making the render an optimal choice for buildings located in regions abundant in vegetation or prone to extensive organic exposure. Consequently, structures treated with the Premium Bio Silicone Render maintain their pristine appearance, even when subjected to challenging environmental conditions.

Differing from our dry-mix variants, the Premium Bio Silicone Render comes ready to apply straight out of the packaging. Its versatile composition allows for application on a range of surfaces, including brick, concrete, traditional plasters, gypsum substrates, and chipboard. Formulated with a blend of silicone and acrylic resins, combined with mineral fillers and vibrant pigments, it offers both quality and aesthetic appeal. With a palette spanning hundreds of shades, Premium Bio Silicone Render caters to a wide spectrum of design preferences

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