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Winter Work Tips & The BDM Team

Our Business Development Team and Training Team are absolutely integral to our mission. They provide the necessary experience and knowledge to help us deliver our vast scope of services, resulting in EWI Pro being a leading supplier of EWI and render services. In this version of the EWI Pro blog, we will introduce you to both teams and give you a little background into their work. We have also picked their brains to bring you a few great tips about working in the winter months.

The Business Development Team

EWI Pro has a three person BDM team, all supported by the Technical Team. The team is a first point of contact for many enquiries requiring specific quoting requirements. The expert technical knowledge they possess allows them to quote any project and any system. The BDM team also provides site surveys to help your site determine your requirements. As EWI and render-only system experts, they have a few tips about winter work.

Matt – Business Development Manager

Role – Promote and build business relationships with our customers, as well as oversee the direction of the whole team. Matt has extensive experience in the industry.

Biggest issue with Winter Work? – That would definitely be the issue of storage on site! There’s usually uneven and muddy surfaces on site, which make it difficult to store products safely.

Best tip for Winter Work? – Try and get some form of platform or container for your products. Failing that, elevate them, and cover them with a large tarpaulin that is properly secured. Materials like basecoat rely heavily on having the correct mixing ratio, so any water ingress will cause you a lot of issues down the line.

Josh – Business Development Specialist

Role – As an experienced BD Specialist, Josh contributes heavily to the continued building of relationships with our customers. His on site experience is invaluable to various surveys the BDM team offers. Josh also looks after our CPD offering, specifically designed for architects.

Biggest issue with Winter Work? – How unpredictable the weather usually is. One day it’s raining and cold, one day the sun will be shining early in the morning. Working below 5℃ is hard enough, but having to plan and watch the weather forecast is a nightmare.

Best tip for Winter Work? – Make sure you’ve got some Winter Adhesive and Render Accelerator on site. When the sun does come out, make sure you’re ready to work and all your products are in place. Planning is key!

Will – Business Development Specialist

Role – The newest member of the BDM team, Will has been getting to grips with our products in the Training Academy, and shadowing several roles in the company to get a sense of the scope of our work.

Biggest issue with Winter Work? – Changing temperatures, because the thawing and freezing process can lead to cracks occuring.

Best tip for Winter Work? – If possible, keeping the areas at a consistent temperature with some indirect heating. That’ll speed up the drying times and let the render cure.

The Training Team

The Training Team is responsible for the development of the Training Academy. Our state-of-the-art Training Academy is designed to deliver an excellent standard of training for EWI installers. Our series of approved modules offer a blended approach to learning: combining classroom learning with practical learning, installers will therefore receive an all-rounded training experience. Students will be trained by experienced EWI professionals to gain an up-to-date understanding of the EWI industry and practices.

Paul – Technical & Training Manager

Role – Leading the Training Academy, as well as on site solutions. Paul has 37 years of invaluable experience in the industry, so he is the ultimate pro in the field.

Biggest issue with Winter Work? – Strong winds cause a lot of issues, as they can result in render drying out too quickly, causing hairline cracks in the construction.

Best tip for Winter Work? – Protecting the substrate is crucial in that sense. If you can create a form of envelope around the part of the wall you’re working on, you’ll be protected. Something as simple as a tarpaulin can help you achieve this.

Annie – Business Development Coordinator

Role – Coordinating our Training Academy AND Business Development Team, as well as distributing prospects to our Recommended and Approved Installers.

Biggest issue with Winter Work? – Being ready to work immediately when the weather is good!

Best tip for Winter Work? – Have the products and tools ready in the areas you’re going to be working. You can start mixing your basecoat and adhesive straight away and get working!

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