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EWI Pro Silicone Render Systems Are Now BBA Approved!

We are proud to announce that EWI Pro’s BBA Approved range of systems is expanding. Joining the Mineral Wool and EPS systems, our Silicone Render range has gained approval when applied to Knauf Aquapanel Exterior Cement Board. In detail, the Agrément Certificate relates to ‘EWI Pro Render Systems applied to Knauf Aquapanel Exterior Cement Board, comprising thin coat external renders with a range of finishes, for use as ventilated and drained exterior wall cladding systems on timber- and steel-frame buildings.’

The BBA and what it stands for

The British Board of Agrément has a long standing history of contributing to the innovation of the construction industry. Since launching in 1966, the BBA has provided independent, expert product approval and certification. The reasoning behind this mission statement is to establish confidence within the industry about products and services being safe and fit-for-purpose. The process of certification is ratified by 12 principles:

  • Mitigating risk – Helping organisations secure themselves against the unknown
  • Value of product performance – Quantify true product value by unlocking opportunity against true product performance
  • Support from an impartial organisation – Provides credibility and authenticity associated with your product innovation while remaining reassuringly impartial
  • New and current market opportunities – Generate a competitive advantage
  • Establishing project sustainability – Supports and understands adapting expectation; giving clients an up-to-date, relevant demonstration of suitability.
  • High standards and quality products – Continuing to play a key role in shaping building regulations & legislation, clients benefit through the BBA’s stringent focus on high standards rooted firmly in the delivery of quality products & systems.
  • Help where no standards exist – Provides a competitive advantage by setting the standard where no industry or harmonised standards exist.
  • Reassurance, trust and loyalty – Synonymous with companies who take quality seriously, enabling clients to gain a head-start.
  • Competence and accountability – Competency schemes ensure that the implementation of certified products is a controlled and validated process.
  • Market differentiation – Validating product performance and compliance in a saturated market where organisations are trying to claim first place in the product race to win.
  • Compliance to building regulations – Firmly rooted in understanding evolving regulation and legislation, removing ambiguity out of the selection process and enabling clients to know and understand a product’s validity for purpose and regulation.
  • Long-term consistency – Continuous audit and inspection routines as part of our aftercare services helps clients keep their products and system compliant and relevant, in an evolving industry, giving them the tools they need to deploy a continuous business development and market strategy that delivers results in the long-run.

The New System

The viability of the new BBA approved system stems from the adherence to four distinct factors. Firstly, the strength and stability of the silicone render ensures that the systems adequately resists wind loads, and can withstand any impact resistance that may be encountered in regular service. As it is an external wall system, the fire resistance is of high importance. The Silicone Render system achieved the A2-s1 d0 fire classification, ranking it as non-combustible in Scotland, and of limited combustibility in England and Wales. The weather resistance of the silicone render has also been ratified, as they shed water under observation. Therefore, the system significantly reduces the amount of water penetrating the substrate. Additionally, the BBA ascertains that the durability of the system results in a service life in excess of 30 years.

The Knauf board used is the subject of BBA Certificate 09/4633, and partnered with our materials, forms the new system. The EWI Pro materials used in the system are as follows:

  • EWI-225 Premium Basecoat — white Portland cement, mineral fillers, synthetic fibres, polymers and modifying admixtures
  • EWI-66645 Fibreglass Mesh — a 1 m wide, woven glass fibre reinforcing mesh with polymer coating, nominal weight of 160 g.m-2
  • EWI-333 Topcoat Primer — a water-based primer, containing silicone resin, quartz aggregate, pigments and enhancers
  • EWI-076 Premium Bio Silicone Render — a water dispersion of silicone polymer, mineral fillers, refining agents and pigments. Available in 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 mm grain sizes
  • EWI-075 Silicone Render — silicone emulsions, nano-particle silicone polymer dispersion, fillers, modifying admixtures and pigments. Available in 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 mm grain sizes

You can purchase the whole approved system from our partners at EWI Store, and also access the website here. The inclusion of both EWI-075 and EWI-076 in the certificate is a particular rewarding accreditation as they are truly our premier products. They have unrivalled flexibility and crack resistance, whilst also holding excellent hydrophobic qualities. EWI-076 is also resistant to algae and biological growth, as well as being self cleaning.

The extension of our BBA Approved range is another step towards delivering the best render and EWI services. We will be posting blogs discussing our other BBA Approved systems, so keep an eye out!

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