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Case Study – Silicone Render onto Kingspan K5

At EWI Pro, we specify many projects throughout the UK. They vary in size, scope, and system application. From large-scale commercial projects to small-scale residential, we cover every type of project. As we’ve discussed recently, we provide a comprehensive range of testing processes. These include wind-load tests, moisture testing, and pull-out tests. Our Technical Team also provides expert U-value calculations to ensure the system is suitable. In our new series of blogs, we will shine a light on specific projects and the build-ups they utilise.

To coincide with our exploration of different insulation types, we present a Kingspan K5 project. Tom’s installation highlights the strongest points of our insulation systems, combining a space-saving insulation board with a highly durable silicone render. The colour choice also presents a fantastic contrast to the eggshell blue-like roof tiles. As a result, the final façade, in aesthetic terms, looks exceptionally refined and clean. Moreover, the façade’s functionality is unmatched due to the choice of materials.

Project details

– Substrate: Blockwork
U-Value change: 2.2W/(m2K) – 0.3W/(m2K)
– Basecoat: EWI-225 Premium Basecoat
– Finish: EWI-075 Silicone Render
– Colour: 20001 Pure White
– Location: Horsham
– Installer: Tom Sinden

The build-up

As aforementioned, the system utilises some of our best products, and crucially, a complete EWI Pro system. Therefore, it is eligible for an EWI Pro warranty which can guarantee an EWI system for up to 25 years. Our warranties are in collaboration with government schemes.

All substrates will require some priming, therefore, brickwork is no different. Bricks can be particularly porous, therefore a layer of EWI-310 Universal Primer regulates the surface absorptivity. It also aids in the adhesion of the basecoat adhesive. In this case, our dual-purpose EWI-225 Premium Basecoat is capable of bearing the weight of heavier insulation boards like Kingspan K5. The dual-purpose nature also means that there is less wastage on site; only one product is required as opposed to different products to act as an adhesive and as a basecoat.

We will discuss the benefits of Kingspan K5 later in this case study. The basecoat layer is crucial to enhance the durability and flexibility of the system. A layer of fibreglass mesh is embedded to enhance this further. Given our relentless pursuit of innovation, we have subjected our EWI systems to extensive impact resistance testing. This included modifying the manufacturing process of our basecoats to promote extra durability. The results have been highly encouraging which marries well with the high compressive strength of Kingspan K5. Therefore, this property is exceptionally suited to withstand any accidental mechanical impact, without damaging and comprising the thermal envelope. Whilst mechanical damage is uncommon, enhanced resistance to such an eventuality also brings extra peace of mind to the resident. Moreover, twinned with enhanced thermal performance, enhanced durability can result in higher property value.

Benefits of Kingspan K5

Kingspan K5 is renowned for its superior thermal performance due to its high-quality, fibre-free, rigid thermoset phenolic core, offering high levels of thermal resistance with low thermal conductivity values. This means more effective insulation is achieved with thinner boards. These boards are enveloped in coated glass tissue facings, adding extra protection and strength. Kingspan K5 is dimensionally stable, enduring temperature variations without alterations in size or shape, making it a reliable choice for various applications. It is also lightweight, facilitating ease of handling and installation. Available in a range of thicknesses, it also allows for adaptability to meet specific insulation needs, contributing to its versatility in use.

Using Kingspan K5 for insulation directly contributes to enhanced energy efficiency in buildings, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills, thus promoting sustainability. The superior fire resistance of the phenolic foam core enhances the safety of the building, which adds an extra layer of protection against fire hazards. Its durability ensures a prolonged lifespan with minimal degradation over time. This insulation board also provides design flexibility due to its availability in various thicknesses and its lightweight nature, making installation quicker and cost-effective. The space-saving profile of Kingspan K5 allows for the maximisation of internal space in construction. Additionally, buildings incorporating high-quality insulation materials like Kingspan K5 are likely to have increased resale values due to improved energy efficiency and safety standards.

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