Technical Drawings

Technical Drawings for EWI Pro

The basics of installing EWI Pro are relatively simple – the adhesive is used to attach the insulation board (either EPS or Mineral wool) to the substrate. Mechanical fixings and a reinforcement layer are then added in turn to ensure the insulation boards are held firm in place. Finally a render topcoat is added to provide the water impermeable, aesthetically pleasing finish.

If you would like more details on the basics of installing EWI Pro please click on the link below

>> EWI PRO install guide <<<

In the following sections you can see how different building elements are treated – click on the building element of interest to see the technical drawings.

Treating Sills

Window sills often need extending when external solid wall insulation is applied to ensure the sill protrudes out past the insulation – the following 4 technical drawings should be used to help define the exact method of install prior to any works taking place.

Treating Window Reveals

In order to minimise thermal bridging the window reveal should be treated with 20mm of insulation – this may require existing render to be hacked away.

Treating Window Head Details

There are two ways of treating the window head to ensure there is no water ingress and also to ensure that there is no thermal bridging in this area

The different types of Base Profile

The base profile refers to where the insulation lies in relation to the ground – often the system is only applied above the DPC, but there are options if insulating to the ground is required.

The different types of Roof Eaves detail

The following section includes the technical drawings for the roof eaves – this is the area where the wall meets the roof – it is very important this area is sealed correctly as historically this is where water ingress can occur.

Supplementary details

The final section highlights a few of the areas where extra care needs to be taken and also illustrates the correct pattern for fixing both the EPS and mineral wool insulation boards