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Performance Basecoat EWI-222P

Performance Basecoat EWI-222P is a polymer-rich cementitious basecoat that can be used on many different substrates, providing a breathable and waterproof protective coat. Performance Basecoat EWI-222P is suitable for render-only projects as well as on different insulation materials including EPS. Its high-quality, dual-purpose nature enables installers to use fewer materials to complete their projects, offering maximum performance whilst limiting material wastage.

Intended Uses

The Performance Basecoat EWI-222P is a dual-purpose basecoat adhesive; it can be used both to fix insulation boards to the wall, as well as a reinforcement layer for render-only systems.

Application Conditions

  • Performance Basecoat should not be applied if frost is forecast within 24 hours, when the humidity is above 95%, or if wet weather is expected before the adhesive has set.
  • Performance Basecoat should be applied in temperate weather and should not be used in temperatures above 25°C.
  • Performance Basecoat should not be applied to elevations which are hot or below 3°C and or in direct sunlight.
  • EWI-222P  should be mixed with clean water at a rate of approximately 4.8 litres per 25kg bag.


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