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Lime Render NHL 3.5 EWI-747

EWI-747 Lime Render is the flagship product in the Heritage Range. One of the primary reasons for using lime render is breathability. The breathability of lime render refers to its ability to allow water vapour to pass through its structure, facilitating the movement of moisture in and out of a building’s walls. This permeability is a crucial characteristic of lime render, providing several advantages over less breathable materials, such as cement-based renders.

Crucially, lime-based products marry well with our eco-friendly, sustainable policy; with no chemical additives, our Heritage Range is completely natural and aesthetically timeless. Perfectly suited to the renovation of older buildings, the Heritage Range sets through carbonation, which means it actively absorbs CO².

Intended Uses

Ideal for plastering and plastering on brick, stone or mud walls indoors and outdoors. Especially ideal for works where the use of traditional, highly breathable, more durable and sustainable materials is required.


It is applied manually (using a trowel) or sprayed using an automatic plastering machine. It is recommended to spread the mixed mortar in a usual thickness of 4 to 10 mm, for thicknesses greater than 10 mm, apply in two or more layers before the previous one has hardened. Finally, float until the desired finish is achieved.

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