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EWI Pro’s Ultimate leveller is our advanced Self-levelling compound, ideal for internal flooring in commercial and residential buildings or other places exposed to similar loads. The self-levelling compound EWI-250 provides a high-quality, sturdy finish to any flooring. Creating the perfect substrate for ceramic tiles, synthetic flooring and parquet flooring etc.

Intended use

EWI Pro’s self-levelling compound is a dry-mix, designed to apply via pouring or machine application. EWI-250 can be used on a variety of floor surfaces, including underfloor heating.  Specifically designed for levelling basic surfaces such as: cement, load-bearing anhydrite screed and more.

Application Conditions

  • Apply in temperatures above 5°C or below 25°C
  • After 24 hours of applying the self-levelling compound, you can cover it with additional flooring materials.(Seeing drying times)
  • 2 hours after application; you can stand on the substrate.
  • Do not apply The ultimate leveller to hot substrates, below  5°C or in direct sunlight.
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