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Retrofit System Modelling at EWI Pro

Retrofitting buildings for energy efficiency and sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the UK and globally. At EWI Pro, integrating advanced software tools like Autodesk Revit, Elmhurst Software, and BuildDesk is pivotal in delivering high-quality, efficient retrofit solutions. Retrofit system modelling is crucial to the comprehensive nature of the specifications we provide.

Autodesk Revit

Autodesk Revit is a fundamental tool in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. The impact is particularly significant in retrofit system modelling. Revit goes beyond traditional 2D drafting to offer a dynamic, multi-dimensional modelling environment that enables precise and comprehensive design and analysis of building projects.

Design capabilities

At EWI Pro, Autodesk Revit’s 3D modelling capabilities are essential for visualizing the complex layers of a building’s exterior before applying retrofit solutions. Revit allows the creation of detailed digital models that accurately reflect a building’s physical characteristics. These models include every element, from structural components to the specific materials used in insulation. This level of detail helps understand how different components interact and perform together, enhancing the decision-making process for retrofit interventions.

Parametric modelling for efficiency

Revit’s parametric modelling engine is a cornerstone of its efficiency. This feature means that any change made in one part of the model automatically updates all related components, ensuring consistency and reducing manual rework. For instance, if the thickness of an insulation layer is adjusted in one section, Revit updates the entire model to reflect this change. This capability is invaluable at EWI Pro for iterating designs quickly and responding to new data, such as results from thermal imaging or pull-out tests.

Collaboration and coordination

Revit supports collaborative workflows through its BIM (Building Information Modelling) capabilities. At EWI Pro, multiple stakeholders—from architects and engineers to construction managers—can simultaneously work on the same model. Revit’s cloud-based tools and shared models facilitate this collaboration, ensuring that everyone is working with the most up-to-date information. It helps align the retrofit designs with the structural and aesthetic requirements and coordinate the practical aspects of construction and installation.

Analysis and simulation

Another area where Revit supports EWI Pro is integrating with various analysis tools. Energy modelling, structural analysis, and lighting simulations can all be conducted within or through extensions of the Revit environment. This integration enables EWI Pro to predict the performance of retrofit solutions before implementation, including how they will affect the building’s energy consumption, thermal performance, and overall comfort levels.

Documentation and reporting

Finally, Autodesk Revit streamlines the documentation process. From detailed drawings and specifications to schedules and cost estimates, Revit automates many aspects of documentation. Consequently, errors are reduced, and all materials and processes are accurately recorded. This is particularly beneficial in retrofit projects where compliance with building codes and energy regulations is critical. EWI Pro leverages this feature to produce clear, comprehensive reports and plans that guide the retrofit process from concept to completion.

Elmhurst Software

Elmhurst Software is a pivotal tool in the field of energy assessment, crucial for companies like EWI Pro in shaping effective and sustainable retrofit solutions. This software suite is designed to facilitate comprehensive energy evaluations, helping to identify the most beneficial energy-saving measures for any building.

Energy modelling

Elmhurst Software provides a robust platform for conducting detailed energy assessments. It can model a building’s current energy consumption and predict how retrofit measures, like adding insulation or upgrading heating systems, will impact efficiency. This is invaluable for EWI Pro, as it allows them to tailor their recommendations to the specific needs of each building, optimizing energy savings and reducing carbon footprints.

User-friendly interface and data handling

The software allows EWI Pro’s team to input various building parameters, from construction materials to the age of the building, and it seamlessly integrates this data to produce reliable and actionable energy profiles.

Compliance and regulatory support

One of the significant advantages of Elmhurst Software is its alignment with UK building regulations and energy performance standards. This ensures that EWI Pro’s retrofit projects comply with current legislation, such as Part L of the Building Regulations. The software keeps up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes, providing EWI Pro with peace of mind and ensuring their projects meet all necessary standards.

Detailed reporting and visualisations

Elmhurst Software excels in producing detailed reports and visualisations that make complex data easy to understand. These reports include numerical data and graphical representations, such as heat maps from thermal imaging. This feature aids EWI Pro in communicating the benefits and specifics of their proposed retrofit solutions to clients and stakeholders, enhancing transparency and trust.

Scenario analysis and performance forecasting

The software allows for scenario analysis, enabling EWI Pro to compare various retrofit options. By simulating different combinations of insulation materials, installation techniques, and other energy-saving measures, EWI Pro can identify the most cost-effective and performance-optimized solutions for each project.


Elmhurst Software’s ability to integrate with other industry tools, such as Autodesk Revit, further enhances its utility. This integration means that energy assessment data can be directly fed into BIM models, streamlining the retrofit design and planning process. As such, energy efficiency is embedded in every project stage, from initial design to final implementation.


BuildDesk is a comprehensive project management and simulation tool that plays a critical role in optimising the retrofit process for companies like EWI Pro. This software provides a suite of functionalities that streamline project execution, ensuring efficiency and accuracy from the initial planning phase to the completion of retrofit projects.

Project management

BuildDesk offers a robust project management platform that allows EWI Pro to organise and oversee every aspect of its specifications. It facilitates the creation of detailed project plans, including timelines, budgets, and resource allocations. This comprehensive approach ensures that projects are executed on time and within budget. They also allow for real-time adjustments as project conditions change.

Simulation and analysis

One of BuildDesk’s standout features is its ability to simulate various building and retrofit scenarios. This includes thermal performance, energy consumption, and the impact of different insulation materials and techniques. We can model how different retrofit solutions will perform in real-world conditions. This allows us to optimise designs for maximum energy efficiency and sustainability.

Integration with design and energy assessment tools

BuildDesk integrates seamlessly with key tools like Autodesk Revit and Elmhurst Software. This integration facilitates a smooth workflow where data from energy assessments and BIM models can be directly imported into BuildDesk. This ensures that all project stakeholders work with the same updated information.

Compliance and reporting

BuildDesk includes features to ensure all retrofit projects comply with relevant building codes and energy regulations. It automatically updates to reflect changes in legislation, helping EWI Pro stay ahead of compliance requirements. Additionally, the software generates comprehensive reports that detail the project’s performance against these standards, aiding in documentation and verification processes.

User-friendly interface and visualisation

BuildDesk’s user-friendly interface simplifies the complex aspects of project management. The software also provides visual representations of project progress and performance. Consequently, this makes it easier for EWI Pro to communicate with clients about their retrofit project status and expected outcomes.

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