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Case Study – Domestic Kingspan K5

At EWI Pro, we specify many projects throughout the UK. They vary in size, scope, and system application. From large-scale commercial projects to small-scale residential, we cover every type of project. As we’ve discussed recently, we provide a comprehensive range of testing processes. These include wind-load tests, moisture testing, and pull-out tests. Our Technical Team also provides expert U-value calculations to ensure the system is suitable. In our new series of blogs, we will shine a light on specific projects and the build-ups they utilise.

The Dale Wood Road project is an excellent representation of how our products can be used to upgrade a property’s thermal efficiency and comfort, without sacrificing the aesthetic properties.

Project details

– Substrate: Brick
U-Value change: 0.30 W/m²K
– Basecoat: EWI-225 Premium Basecoat
– Finish: EWI-075 Silicone Render
– Colour: 20001 Pure White
– Location: Orpington
– Installer: Ralph Plastering

The build-up

EWI Pro systems are specifically designed External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) known for their durability, flexibility, and excellent thermal performance. Every material in these systems is crafted to enhance a home’s façade and ensure compatibility, forming a continuous thermal envelope. This uninterrupted envelope is crucial in preventing cold bridges, which can severely affect thermal efficiency. Upgrading a property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) by installing an External Wall Insulation (EWI) system, using Kingspan K5 significantly improves energy efficiency. This change not only reduces heat loss through walls but also maintains a consistent internal temperature, increasing thermal comfort. The high R-value of Kingspan K5 contributes to the building’s enhanced energy performance, making the property more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. This improvement can lead to energy bill savings, increased property value, and compliance with modern energy standards.

The system chosen for this was 50mm of Kingspan K5, with the U-value to be confirmed, but hopefully achieved the retrofit requirements. The Building Regulations set out U-values retrofits have to achieve. U-value quantifies the heat loss through a building component, such as a wall, floor, or roof. It is the reciprocal of the total R-value (U = 1/total R-value), encompassing the resistance offered by the materials and the air films surrounding them. Expressed in watts per square metre Kelvin (W/m²K), a lower U-value indicates a component’s enhanced ability to curtail heat loss, thereby boosting the overall energy efficiency of the building.

Render for commercial properties

Kingspan K5 is known as one of the best-performing insulation boards with an extremely low thermal conductivity. As such, we refer to it as a space-saving system as you require a lower thickness than other insulation types. The benefits of having a space-saving system are multi-faceted. For this particular project, the reduced thickness allows the original wooden beams to remain exposed. Kingspan K5 is also extremely durable and resistant to impact due to its higher compressive strength. Whilst this is not something that holds particular bearing for residential areas, it offers the customer extra peace of mind.

As with any external wall insulation project, the thermal performance is significantly improved, achieving the required U-value for UK Building Regulations. This translates to significant savings on energy bills for the customers, which also provides a reasonable payback scale. The extra plumbing and window work, alongside the EWI system, adds significant value to the property.

The project incorporated several other facets to maintain the aesthetic. Silicone Render provides a particularly stylish, classical, and crucially, weatherproof envelope for the project. The windows were also replaced with diamond muntin windows which lend a classical style to work alongside the wooden beams.

Community Impact

The team at Ralph Plastering and the resident have also noted that several people living on the same road have approached them and inquired about getting EWI on their own homes. This is significant as the drive to insulate homes has to happen on a national and local level. Whilst a national drive relays the message, word of mouth in communities will always achieve more significant traction. Ralph Plastering are hoping to price and survey several homes on the same road. We also expect to be consulted and offer our full scope of services to ensure that the delivery of EWI projects is always completed to the highest standard.

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