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Howgate Close – INCA Judges Choice for Environmental Impact

We’ve done it! Our Howgate Close project, which has already received regional recognition, has been awarded a national award at the prestigious INCA Awards.

The awards took place last night in Nottingham amongst many of our respected colleagues in the insulation and cladding industry. The award that the project won was the Judges Choice for Environmental Impact.

We are incredibly proud of this achievement as it represents a significant amount of work. Crucially, it also represents our unwavering commitment to the improvement of the UK housing stock. To be able to contribute to a whole new build community for many families, as well as setting a precedent for future projects, is a huge breakthrough moment. We hope to keep our involvement going with more energy efficiency projects.

The judges had this to say about the project: ‘NEW BUILD: The Judges Choice Environmental Impact Award for new-build goes to a standout project described as an incredible showcase for EWI in our industry drive to support sustainable new build construction.  When a resident was asked how often they turned on their heating the answer was – “Never… the lowest temperature it’s ever been since we’ve lived here is 19 degrees – and that was mid-winter at 7:00 am in the morning!”’

We want to extend a personal thank you to Dr Jerry Harrall for his fantastic collaboration on the project and also, for all the support he provided to the residents, installers, and EWI Pro team.

If you need a reminder about the project, have a read of our case studies or rewatch the videos!

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