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Case Study – Render Onto Carrier Board

At EWI Pro, we specify many projects throughout the UK. They vary in size, scope, and system application. From large-scale commercial projects to small-scale residential, we cover every type of project. As we’ve discussed recently, we provide a comprehensive range of testing processes. These include wind-load tests, moisture testing, and pull-out tests. Our Technical Team also provides expert U-value calculations to ensure the system is suitable. In our new series of blogs, we will shine a light on specific projects and the build-ups they utilise. Therefore, the first entry will be a recent large-scale commercial Render Onto Carrier Board project.

Project details

– Substrate: Render Carrier Board
– U-Value change: N/A
– Topcoat: EWI-076 Premium Bio Silicone Render – 1.5mm
– Basecoat: EWI-225 Premium Basecoat
– Colour: RAL9016 Traffic White
– Location: Newquay
– Installer: First Renderers Ltd

The build-up – Render Onto Carrier Board

This exciting new build was constructed using a steel frame and completed with a decorative thin-coat system over render carrier board. Given their ability to withstand extreme weathering, movement and structure, render carrier boards provide an ideal foundation for thin-coat render systems; once the main structure is erected and has been fully boarded, the rendering process is relatively simple. As this large-scale commercial project is in a high exposure zone, the specified system consisted of EWl-225 Premium Basecoat, 160g/m2 alkali-resistant Fibreglass Mesh, and EWI-076 Premium Bio Silicone Render.

The basecoat on top of the render carrier board is embedded with fibreglass mesh to provide a reinforcing layer designed to prevent cracks. Per the architects’ specification, the EWl-076 Premium Bio Silicone Render was through-coloured to RAL9016 Traffic White; the EWl-333 Topcoat Primer was tinted the same colour to ensure full consistency across the completed façade. What’s more, not only can the Premium Bio Silicone Render withstand additional forces such as wind and water driven in from offshore in high-exposure zones, but it also has slow-releasing anti-fungal agents which will maintain the façade’s fresh appearance.

Benefits of our products

Alkali Resistant Fibreglass Mesh, Silicone Render, and A1 Fire Rated Render Carrier Board are commonly used in construction, particularly in facade systems, for various reasons. Each of these materials has different benefits.

1. Alkali Resistant Fibreglass Mesh:

  • Durability: Alkali-resistant fibreglass mesh has a high level of resistance to alkali (bases), which means it doesn’t degrade easily when exposed to concrete or other base materials.
  • Strength and Stability: Fibreglass mesh is strong and provides excellent structural stability. This mesh is used to prevent cracking and reinforce the structure, so it’s essential in maintaining the long-term integrity of a building.
  • Flexibility: Despite its strength, fibreglass mesh is quite flexible, making it adaptable to different shapes and structures.
  • Lightweight: Fibreglass is much lighter than traditional materials, making it easier to work with and transport.

2. Silicone Render:

  • Water Repellency: Silicone render is water-repellent, which means it effectively repels rainwater while allowing water vapour to escape. This property prevents the accumulation of dampness within the structure, protecting the building and improving its thermal efficiency.
  • Low Maintenance: The water-repelling properties of silicone render also mean that it stays cleaner for longer as dirt and grime are washed away with rainwater.
  • Durability: Silicone render is resistant to UV light and less susceptible to cracks and discolouration. This leads to a longer lifespan and less frequent need for repairs or repainting.
  • Versatility: Silicone render is available in a wide range of colours and textures, offering a high degree of flexibility in aesthetic choices.

3. A1 Fire-Rated Render Carrier Board:

  • Fire Resistance: As the name suggests, these boards are rated A1 for fire resistance, which is the highest level of fire protection. They can resist fire without contributing to its spread, which can be crucial in the event of a fire.
  • Insulation: These boards often provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties.
  • Strength and Stability: Fire-rated boards are generally strong and resistant to impact damage, providing a durable surface for renders.
  • Versatility: They can be used in different types of construction, from timber frame to steel frame buildings, making them a versatile choice.

This large-scale project was specified by the EWI Pro Technical Team, the contractor, and the final client. In summary,
specification involved the following components:
– A1 fire-rated Render Carrier Board
– Premium Basecoat and reinforcing mesh layer
– uPVC system beads

Hotel specifications:
– New build
– 1,700 SqM façade
– 83 rooms
– 41 guest parking spaces
– Restaurant and bar located on the ground floor
– Situated along the seafront
– Located in Narrowcliff, Newquay, Cornwall TR7

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