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Performance Basecoat Has Arrived!

Spring brings new life, and we bring you a new product! Our hotly anticipated 222P Performance Basecoat has now arrived at our various locations, ready to be shipped direct to site. But what benefits does this new basecoat offer? We discuss this below.

What is 222P Performance Basecoat?

Performance Basecoat fills in the gap as our most versatile basecoat and adhesive product. With its polymer-rich cementitious composition, you can rely on the durability and also suitability of this product. The benefits do extend much further as a result of the polymer additives.

  • Different substrates – Performance Basecoat is suitable for various substrates including brickwork, blockwork, ICF, timber frame, etc.
  • Breathable – Much like our other basecoats, 222P is highly breathable. This places it neatly into any breathable external wall insulation system.
  • Water repellent – Part of any water resistant system, acting as a further barrier to hydrophobic Silicone Renders.
  • Vapour permeable – In conjunction with breathability, 222P allows for any residual water vapour to pass through it, ensuring that damp is not an issue.
  • Long term protection – In line with our EWI Pro systems, the basecoat has a lifespan of up to 25 years, with relatively insignificant maintenance.
  • Low temperature application – The composition of the product allows it to be applied down to 3°C, which makes it more suitable for working in the colder part of the year. Projects cannot just stop, therefore 222p offers a strong solution to temperature related issues on site.
  • Dual purpose – Works as an adhesive and basecoat for EPS external wall insulation systems, reducing wastage on site as 222p is the only product required.
  • Application – Performance Basecoat can be traditionally applied with a trowel, but it is also compatible with a spray machine. Certain machines can either receive 222p pre-mixed, or mix the product with the correct water level in the hopper.
  • Robust – With little maintenance necessary, 222p is also extremely robust when paired with EWI Pro Fibreglass Mesh. The Fibreglass Mesh should be fully embedded within the basecoat layer to ensure structural stability. This also enhances the compressive strength of the system. The compressive strength of Performance Basecoat stands at CS IV.

Spray application of Performance Basecoat

We have recently conducted several days of testing in our Training Academy, mainly concerned with the compatibility of basecoat and render products. Paul had the chance to test products very similar to our new Performance Basecoat and a result, confirm its compatibility. A render spray machine is a great addition to the arsenal of any company due to the extensive benefits it offers.

We recommend taking your bag of Performance Basecoat and emptying it into a large bucket. With a mixing ratio of 4.5-5 litres of clean water per 25kg bag, it is pertinent to pre-mix the product with an electric paddle mixer to fully incorporate the dry mix. Once you have a homogenous substance, you can pour it directly into the hopper of the spray machine. Spray machines will tend to come with different nozzles to regulate the spread of the mix; the nozzles are also suitable to various thicknesses of materials. When turning on the machine, it is advisable to spray the first burst into an empty bucket as it can contain previous mixes as well as an excess of water. This ensures a consistent spraying experience once the pipe is fully cleared.

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