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Our Ultimate Leveller Self-Levelling Compound Has Arrived

In essence, a self-levelling compound is a polymer-modified concrete which has increased flow characteristics, specifically designed to enhance the capability of the compound to fill uneven surfaces. The fluidising agent used in the manufacture of the compound allows it to take on properties similar to water. Most self-levelling compound mixtures utilise Portland cement for their base. The presence of Portland cement in the mixture prolongs the shelf life of the compound, which is crucial in the storage.

EWI Pro’s Ultimate Leveller is best suited for internal flooring of homes, offices, public buildings, and places exposed to similar loads. The EWI-250 is incredibly easy to utilise in basic surface levelling and comes in a 25kg dry bag ready to be mixed with water. Once the compound has been applied, it will provide the perfect substrate for ceramic tiles, synthetic flooring, parquet, and many others. Within 2 hours of application, the compound is ready to stand on. Within 24 hours, flooring can be safely laid down on top of it. The presumed level of the poured concrete is 20mm; anything in excess of that will impact the drying time. The general rule being 10mm increases the drying time by 1 day. We recommend that the self-leveller is dry tested prior to any load bearing.


As with all substrate preparation, all surfaces should be clean, dry, and free from any materials which could impair the surface application. Utilising the EWI-310 Universal Primer ensures that the substrate is load-bearing and stable. The product itself should be mixed with clean water, allowing 6.9 litres per 25kg bag; after mixing for 2-3 minutes, always check the consistency of the mixture, and adjust if required. Subsequent batches must be mixed with the same amount of water.


Before application, determine the level to which the compound will be poured. The level of the compound can be determined by using notable benchmarks or benchmarks made by using embedded dowels with screws in the ground. This process will ensure consistency throughout the project.

It is recommended to start work at the wall furthest from the entrance. If you are working in a large room, it is suggested to separate smaller working fields with a width of 3-6 metres, depending on the speed of the pouring mass. After pouring, it should be immediately spread with a steel trowel and de-aired with a spiked roller.

If the layer is greater than 20mm, it is recommended to level the levelling compound with a metal bar in vibration movements. Then, pour out the mixture with a machine, using a dual mixing unit. Work without interruption until the entire floor area in the room is covered.

Purchase the Ultimate Leveller Self-Levelling Compound for your project today

We trust that this blog has given you the necessary introduction to our brand new EWI Pro product. You can purchase the Ultimate Leveller here, and if you require any extra information or just have any questions, please contact our technical team.

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