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EWI Pro Insulation Systems becomes a System Design member

We are delighted to announce that EWI Pro Insulation Systems has become a System Design member with Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency (SWIGA)! The SWIGA Quality Framework and Guarantee ensures that all stages of work, from survey to design and installation, are carried out by competent installers and is guaranteed to meet both high-quality standards and the requirements of an independent third-party surveillance scheme.

What is SWIGA?

SWIGA was established to provide homeowners with an independent, uniform and dependable guarantee covering professionally installed external wall insulation solutions. The SWIGA Quality Framework provides additional peace of mind and access to technical expertise in the event of any defect occurring during the installation process and thereafter. The guarantee is only available for work completed by registered SWIGA installers.

What does the SWIGA guarantee provide?

The SWIGA guarantee has many benefits, including:

  • installation by member contractors is covered by third-party surveillance using certified systems;
  • cover for 10 or 25 years for defective materials, design or workmanship;
  • provision for up to £20,000 remedial work;
  • single guarantee payment; and
  • cover for all suitable properties up to and including three storeys in height.

How does the SWIGA work for installers?

The SWGIA guarantee provides homeowners, local authorities, energy companies and other specifiers with confidence that the installation will be completed following robust procedures and industry standards with the addition of third-party surveillance, providing the security of an independent guarantee for periods of 10 or 25 years. The framework includes a detailed pre-notification process to check the correct system is being proposed for the building type, that any existing maintenance issues are identified and the system is installed by a trained and carded installer.

SWIGA and ECO regulations

SWIGA is compliant with the requirements of Energy Company Obligation (ECO), a government-regulated energy efficiency scheme for the UK. ECO places legal obligations on larger energy suppliers to deliver energy-efficient measures to domestic premises. ECO3, the government’s most recent scheme, has a target of £8.2bn lifetime bill savings. Ultimately, ECO3 focuses on insulation and heating measures and supports vulnerable consumer groups, while ECO as a whole is designed to assist in reducing carbon emissions, maintaining the security of energy supply and reducing fuel poverty.

EWI Pro Insulation Systems and SWIGA

EWI Pro Insulation Systems is delighted to have been accepted as a System Design member of SWIGA, providing their clients with the assurance that they are operating within a robust quality and technical framework, supported by an independent surveillance scheme. In partnership with SWIGA, EWI Pro will continue to promote external wall insulation to more homes across the UK to reduce their heating costs and carbon footprint and ultimately ensure the UK housing stock becomes more energy-efficient.

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