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EWI Pro Insulation Systems signed up to the IAA EWI Guarantee Scheme!

EWI Pro Insulation Systems signed up to the Insulation Assurance Authority EWI Guarantee Scheme

We are pleased to announce that EWI Pro Insulation Systems has signed up for the Insulation Assurance Authority Guarantee Scheme, providing unparalleled quality assurance to the end customer with respect to the commissioning and installation of external wall insulation systems.

The Insulation Assurance Authority (IAA) is an industry body with aims to increase the standards across the insulation industry and provides a quality assurance framework covering consumer protection, technical guidance, Certification and Competent Persons Scheme.

What is the Insulation Assurance Authority (IAA)?

The Insulation Assurance Authority (IAA) is a body that guarantees backing for domestic insulation projects to retrofit homes. This means if you are looking to install external wall insulation, cavity wall insulation or loft insulation will provide a 25-year guarantee on the workmanship of these measures.

The customer at the handover stage of their installation measure should receive three separate guarantees.

How does the IAA work with system designers?

We as a system designer had to go through a rigorous quality assurance process to be signed up with the IAA to be a guarantee partner. This means our policies and procedures were extensively audited and questioned so that we could demonstrate we satisfied all the necessary “stress tests” of an organisation providing complex systems and solutions.

The IAA Guarantee is compliant with the Green Homes Grant scheme

The Green Homes Grant (GHG) scheme is the new Government backed grant system offering up to £5,000 of voucher support toward the installation of insulation and low carbon heating measures. The scheme launched on the 30th September 2020 and will be responsible for driving a large take-up of external wall insulation measures.

In addition, the scheme stipulates that as long as the homeowner contributes a third of the installation cost or more then they should be able to receive the full £5,000 voucher support. Certain customers on low income may also qualify for the full £10,000 of grant support.

What happens with ECO funding of external wall insulation?

If the installation of external wall insulation is also part or fully funded by ECO, then the IAA will also help cover the backed by The IAAs robust guarantee element of the handover documentation. This is in addition to the manufacturers guarantee and the installers guarantee.

IAA working with EWI Pro Insulation Systems to deliver external wall insulation quality assurance

EWI Pro has been involved with other guarantee providers in the past but is particularly excited with work with the IAA. We are pleased that the IAA will be carrying out random sample checks and robust auditing procedures going forward, as this will increase consumer confidence and keep standards high.

EWI Pro will do everything possible to likewise work with the IAA, support excellent installers of these measures and help promote more insulation installation to our existing housing stock in the UK.

Note: EWI Pro also works with the Green Deal Guarantee Company or the GDGC.

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