Warranty Backed Guarantees

GDGC Independent Warranty Provider


EWI Pro Insulation Systems works together with The Green Deal & ECO Guarantee Company (GDGC), a specialist online insurance provider specifically set up to provide Green Deal and Eco Product and Workmanship Guarantees and Insurance Policies to underwrite these to conform with the most recent legislation relating to insurance backed guarantees. Their insurer, Enterprise Insurance Plc, is the largest insurer operating in this market in the UK.

The GDGC guarantees and insurance policies conform to all the relevant criteria within ‘The Code’, ‘The Framework’ and Ofgem guidelines for ECO guarantees.

Installers using GDGC

Installers can use the GDGC to provide independent warranties for the installations they carry out using the EWI Pro Insulation System products. For more information, please get in touch so that we can discuss on-boarding and training procedures.