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Wall Build-Ups

EWI Pro systems are built to last, offering a range of external wall solutions for improving thermal comfort and external appearance. The following are some typical external wall insulation systems using EWI Pro materials. As demonstrated, our systems are highly versatile and can be used to create numerous external wall insulation systems for a range of properties and substrates.

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Timber Frame Construction Timber Frame Build - Better Living System image

OSB Substrate

Sheep Wool Insulation

Sheep Wool insulation is a completely natural and environmentally friendly material, complementing the theme of this system. Choosing natural materials for timber frames ensures that the building structure is supported in the long term.

Wood Fibre Insulation

Wood Fibre insulation is renowned for being extremely breathable and eco-friendly. Wood Fibre offers the building enhanced solar and acoustic protection and is ideal for improving thermal performance and allowing the building to breathe.

Mechanical Fixings

Mechanical fixings are used as the primary method of securing the insulation to the substrate. Stainless steel wood screws should be used for Wood Fibre insulation.


The basecoat reinforcement layer is applied to the insulation boards and consists of the EWI-225 Premium Adhesive. The reinforcement layer creates a smooth surface before applying the render.

Fibreglass Mesh

Fibreglass reinforcing mesh is embedded within the basecoat adhesive to enhance the tensile strength and crack resistance of the render system.

Render Primer

The render primer is painted onto the reinforcement layer to ensure that the render adheres to the basecoat, and to contribute towards a durable render finish.

Decorative Finish

EWI Pro offer a range of coloured renders, all of which can enhance the external appearance of the property. Each render provides a long-lasting, crack-proof finish and come with a range of advantages for the building structure. We recommend choosing a breathable render for use with Wood Fibre insulation.

  • OSB Substrate
  • Sheep Wool Insulation
  • Wood Fibre Insulation
  • Mechanical Fixings
  • Basecoat
  • Fibreglass Mesh
  • Render Primer
  • Decorative Finish
Timber Frame Construction Timber Frame Build - Better Living System

The ‘better living system’ is a timber frame build, comprised of sheepwool insulation, laid between timber battens on top of an OSB board. Wood Fibre insulation is then secured to the timber battens and then finished with a breathable render. This is the most eco-friendly system in the EWI Pro catalogue, using renewable insulation materials with a breathable render to ensure performance while also being conscientious of the environment.

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