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Ultimate Leveller EWI-250

The Ultimate Leveller is an easy-to-use self-levelling compound for creating smooth, level surfaces on internal floors. The product can be applied manually or mechanically at a thickness ranging from 2-20mm. The finished result is a durable, long-lasting floor surface which is suitable for use with underfloor heating, tiling, carpet and a range of other flooring products.

Intended Uses

The Ultimate Leveller is intended for use as a self-levelling compound for internal floors. Once set, it provides a perfectly flat surface for the application of tiling, parquet, carpet and more. The maximum thickness that this product can be applied at is 20mm, however, if a greater thickness is required then we recommend the use of the EWI-251 Deep Fill Self-Levelling Compound.

Application Conditions

  • Application and setting temperature: from +5°C to +25°C.
  • Ultimate Leveller should be applied in temperate weather and should not be used in temperatures above 30°C. Likewise, if the materials or the substrate are frozen, or if there is any risk of frost damage within the first 24 hours, work should be postponed.
  • Curing time is typically 7 days, although the self-levelling compound is safe for treading after 3 hours.
  • EWI-250 should be mixed with approximately 4.4 litres of water per 20kg of dry mix.
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