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Spray-Plast EWI-282

Spray-Plast is a finishing plaster for internal use. A ready-to-use product, Spray-Plast comes pre-mixed in 20kg tubs, offering the applicator time-saving benefits. Ideal for wetrooms and bathrooms, Spray-Plast creates a healthy, damp-free internal environment. EWI-282 is very versatile as it provides a strong adhesion and creates a smooth, decorative finish that is both long-lasting and easy to clean.

Intended Uses

Spray-Plast is suitable for application using a spray machine or by hand. The product can be applied directly onto plasterboard on internal walls and ceilings; we recommend applying the EWI-282 on top of a waterproof basecoat to achieve a smooth surface. This is ideal for use in wetrooms and bathrooms, however, Spray-Plast can be used throughout the property. For humid rooms, we recommend finishing the surface with EWI-005 Silicone Paint.

Application Conditions

  • Suitable for application in wetrooms and bathrooms.
  • Spray-Plast has a quick setting time.
  • Setting time is typically between 24-48 hours.
  • EWI-255 should be applied at a maximum thickness of 2mm per layer.
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