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Panzer Fibreglass Mesh EWI-66650

The Panzer Fibreglass Mesh is the strongest and most flexible fibreglass reinforcing mesh available within our range. Panzer mesh is ideal for strengthening external wall insulation and render-only systems to ensure an unsurpassed level of impact and crack resistance; using this high strength mesh ensures a steadfast system that will withstand even the harshest elements. The fibreglass is coated with acrylic acid copolymer liquid, which makes it resistant to water, alkali and age damage.

Intended Uses

The Panzer Fibreglass Mesh can be used internally and externally, for giving strength to ceilings, walls and floors. The mesh is intended for in render and EWI systems, for embedding within the basecoat reinforcement layer in order to improve resistance to cracks and mechanical impact. It is also ideal for projects that require additional reinforcement; for example, places at a high risk of impacts such as schools and high traffic areas.

Advantages of Panzer Fibreglass Mesh

  • Gives impact strength to the system
  • Alkali resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Long-lasting and durable


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