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EPS Adhesive EWI-240

EPS Adhesive EWI-240 is a quick-drying, flexible, and durable one-component low-pressure Polyurethane Graphite Adhesive PPU-2 with an applicator gun, designed for fixing XPS and graphite EPS boards for the insulation of facades and foundations.

Intended Uses

EPS Adhesive EWI-240 is designed to attach the expanded polystyrene (EPS) boards to the underlying substrate. The adhesive is also highly versatile; it can be applied to various different substrates including concrete, ceramic, wood, PVC, and more.

Application Conditions

  • EPS Adhesive EWI-240 should not be applied in rain or humid conditions, or if wet weather is expected before the adhesive has set.
  • EPS Adhesive EWI-240 should be applied in temperate weather and should not be used in temperatures above 30°C. Likewise, if the materials or the substrate are frozen, or if there is any risk of frost damage within the first 24 hours, work should be postponed.
  • The fixing time is typically 2 hours and the curing time is 24-48 hours, depending upon the environment and humidity.
  • EPS Adhesive EWI-240 has a correction time of approximately 4 minutes.
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