New products have recently been added to our EWI Pro line-up!  We are always looking to expand our range to meet the demands of homeowners and EWI installers. So, have you tried our new EWI-090 Monocouche scratch render and our EWI-235 Dash Receiver? Both work towards a seamless finish to your external wall insulation system for the appreciation of your clients!


Applying our New Monocouche Scratch Render…

This is a dry-mix, thick-coat render which is more traditional than our other thin-coat renders. This render needs mixing with water before you can apply by hand, or by using a spray machine). You can offer your clients a choice of 18 different colours all of which provide a long-lasting finish which they will undoubtedly enjoy!

When using the Monocouche Scratch Render, it must be applied in two coats for extra strength. The first coat should be around 8-10mm and fibreglass mesh should be embedded within it. The second layer should then be applied at a thickness of 8-10mm before the first has completely dried, to enable the two layers to bond together.

Once the Monocouche Scratch Render has completely gone off, you need to use a scratch float to create a texture and finish of your choice. You should scratch back around 2mm, so that the render should be a total thickness of around 16mm. We recommend that you attend one of our free training sessions for further information on how to use our EWI products.

When you are using the Monocouche Scratch Render, we it’s best that you do not apply it in humid, hot (over 30’C), wet or cold conditions, or if these weathers are expected before it has completely gone off, as this can affect the outcome and the desired finish.

The render should reach its optimal strength after around 28 days!


Applying our New EWI-235 Dash Receiver…

Our new EWI Dash receiver is the perfect material for clients who want a pebble-dash effect on their homes. You can use this Dash receiver as part of your clients EWI system on top of either our basecoat, basecoat adhesive or adhesive coat.

Our Dash Receiver only needs to be applied in one coat, and you can use a spray machine for application. Simply mix with clean water and use a mechanical mixer to create the correct consistency. As per the instructions on the bag, we recommend that you do not apply the EWI-235 in wet, cold or humid conditions, or if any of these conditions are expected before the dash receiver has gone off properly. For further information about the application of the EWI Dash Receiver, feel free to attend one of our training sessions which take place every Thursday. Just give us a call to book your place!

Depending upon the environment and the humidity, the Dash Receiver should have gone off after 28 days time.