As we approach winter, the drop in temperature outside has a huge impact on our homes. For us to stay feeling cosy indoors, it becomes an (often expensive) struggle to heat our homes adequately. It can feel like as soon as we turn our heaters off, the house returns to an icebox. This is the problem with the UK’s inefficient housing stock.

What is thermal comfort?

Achieving thermal comfort is not as simple as just turning your radiators up. This is because it is not the same as temperature, although temperature helps thermal comfort. Thermal comfort is when you experience a sustained level of ambient temperature in your home. When your radiators are on high, it feels warm in the immediate area around them, but further away it is cold. Combined with this, without insulation your home loses heat through doors, windows, floors and walls. This means a lack of thermal comfort.

How can I improve thermal comfort?

This is where external wall insulation comes in – a system combining insulating material with a render topcoat means that up to 35% less heat disappears through walls. This saves you money on your energy bills, as you’re not wasting money through inefficient heating, and improves the thermal comfort of your home. EWI Pro offers a huge range of products all designed to improve the thermal comfort of your home. Our systems are customisable, allowing you to choose from a range of high-performing insulation materials, coupled with a huge variety of finishes. Both our expanded polystyrene and mineral wool boards  are brilliant insulators and we offer a wide variety of renders or even brick slips for a traditional look.

Thermal comfort is not the only advantage of external wall insulation though – it can also really improve the look of your home, especially if it has existing render which is in a bad condition. Our systems are weatherproof and protect external walls, prolonging the life of the building, and preventing penetrating damp. Perhaps best of all, no floor space is lost, unlike with other forms of insulation.

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