Render carrier boards approved for use with EWI Pro renders

We are delighted to announce that we are now offering 10 year warranties to our approved installer network on render-only projects installed onto one of our preferred render carrier boards. We have gone through an extensive period of testing different boards and finding the optimal solutions that will work with our fantastic range of thin-coat render systems.

What is involved in installing render on render carrier boards?

The solution is incredibly simple; the carrier board does not even require primer. It is simply a case of applying our premium adhesive (EWI-225 Premium Adhesive) to the carrier board to a depth of 6mm and then embedding our EWI-66640 fibreglass mesh. Once the basecoat layer has properly dried, it can then be primed with the relevant primer (depending on which render is used) and then the render topcoat is added.

You may also use the EWI-220 Basecoat as the undercoat layer, and this substrate definitely needs painting before the final top-coat is applied. As the EWI-225 Premium Adhesive is the white adhesive, it doesn’t require priming before the top-coat is applied, but you may wish to do it anyway.

We can offer the 10-year warranty on both our Silicone and Silicone Silicate render systems. The new render façade not only looks fantastic, but is also strong base for the system.

What are the EWI Pro approved render carrier boards?

We are delighted to announce we can offer our 10 year manufacturer backed warranty on the following render boards:

• Bluclad (Manufactured by Siniat Ltd)
• Renderflex (Manufactured by RCM Ltd)
• Rendaboard (Manufactured by Euroform, part of SIG)
• Econic (Manufactured by Duncryne Ltd)
• AquaPanel (Manufactured by Knauf)