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The EWI Pro Training Academy


The EWI Pro Training Academy is an integral part of our company. With a rich and diverse history of render and EWI solutions, EWI Pro offers unparalleled expertise in the planning, training, delivery, and execution of your project. Our extensive scope for solutions is passed onto our customers at every juncture, making us the experts on the market. 

The EWI Pro Training Academy provides us with a uniquely direct avenue to pass on our expertise. The state-of-the-art Training Academy delivers an excellent standard of training for EWI installers. Our series of approved modules offer a blended approach to learning. We combine classroom learning with practical learning. Therefore, installers will receive an all-rounded training experience. Training from EWI professionals will provide students with up to date understanding of the industry standards and best practices.

The EWI Pro Training Academy provides 6 detailed modules. These prepare the students for all facets of EWI and render-only installation.

EWI Pro Training Academy courses

Course 1 – Introduction to EWI – Offers a comprehensive overview of the EWI Pro systems, delivering the technical knowledge and skills required to install our systems proficiently. The course is intended to provide you with an excellent understanding of external wall insulation, how it’s installed and its benefits.

Course 2 – Introduction to Render-only Systems – Offers an in-depth insight into the range of finishes that can be achieved with the different EWI Pro render systems. The render training sessions offer a comprehensive understanding of the range of render systems on offer. Also, hands-on practice of installing EWI Pro will be provided.

Course 3 – Render Spraying Machine Introduction – Sessions are designed to provide installers with the underpinning expertise and technical know-how required for installing EWI Pro systems with a spray machine. Offering hands-on practice using a spray machine with an EWI Pro render, this course equips you with the relevant experience before site work.

Course 4 – On-site Training – On-site training consists of a visit from our technical team. They will attend your project and carry out training at your project.

Course 5 – Product Familiarisation – Aimed at experienced installers who do not currently use EWI Pro materials. Therefore, this module combines classroom-based theory with practical training. Also, the installed require working knowledge of the systems.

Course 6 – Advanced Rendering Techniques – Specifically designed for experienced installers who want enhanced knowledge at the EWI Pro Training Academy. As a result, this course will focus on insulating below the DPC or using decorative finishes like Mosaic Render.

Our Trainers

Paul – Our Technical & Training Manager with 37 years of experience of EWI and render solutions.

Steve – Our newest Trainer in the Aylesbury branch.

“Just a quick thank you for the training day yesterday with Paul. It was a great day answering all my questions and giving me the confidence I need to complete my own project. Please pass on my thanks to Paul who is a great tutor and very patient with us dim wits. The fact he has been doing the job for 37 years and believes in the system is a great advert for your company Thank Steve as well and I look forward (once sale has completed) to cracking on and ordering all the components I need.” (David Morris testimonial)

To inquire about booking onto the EWI Pro Training Academy, email us on or call on 08001337072