• A BBA-approved solid wall insulation system

EWI Pro has gone through the most stringent testing to ensure all the products we supply to installers are fit for purpose. Our external wall insulation products will help householders and businesses benefit from energy savings for years to come, as well as dramatically improving the appearance of buildings.

  • A fantastic range of finishes to meet your clients’ needs

We appreciate that clients will have very specific needs – we have designed the EWI Pro external wall insulation systems with this in mind, ensuring there are thousands of different colour/finish combinations available. From simple renders to brick slips, EWI Pro External Wall Insulation System has you covered!

  • Different adhesives/insulation products to meet client specification

Involved in a project where an architect has specified a particular insulation material or adhesive? Have no fear! We offer breathable insulation products and also have adhesives that can adhere to even the most testing building substrates, ensuring our products remain in place for decades to come!

  • All products delivered directly to client site

We know how important it is to get products as and when they are needed onsite. Our logistics department works very hard to ensure the process is as simple as possible for you to get what you need!

Need a palette of coloured render on site tomorrow? No problem! Our team are there to make it happen with minimum fuss.

  • Unparalleled installer support (both pre, during and post-installation)

Looking to install solid wall insulation for the first time, or have a few questions during install? Our team is here to help! Our state-of-the-art training facilities are the perfect learning environment so you can be a confident and competent installer. But our support doesn’t stop there; we know from time to time installers need a helping hand. We have a team of surveyors travelling around the country visiting sites and we also look to embed one of our seasoned installers with new installer teams to ensure they can learn the ropes from the best!

  • A cost-effective solution

Great support and a wide range of products sometimes isn’t enough! We know that when you are costing a job, it is key to get quality products at a fair price. This is what we give you – if you have a new job to start, give us a call to see whether our EWI Pro External wall insulation systems could work for you!

  • Leads delivered to our installer network

Through our various websites we get approximately 10 solid wall leads per day from Ability to pay customers. These leads are all pre-qualified and fed through to our installer network.

  • All our EWI Pro systems are approved for use with local council schemes

All our EWI Pro external wall insulation systems can  be used within local council schemes. Already 1000m2 of system has been used as part of the Smart Homes scheme, the Action Surrey scheme, ECO and the Green Deal.

  • Winter systems/wet weather systems available so jobs can be carried out all year around

We know how important it is for system installers to have a constant flow of work to ensure all parties can make a living. We have winter systems to ensure even during the coolest winter months installs can still continue. Our mineral render systems and winter adhesives allow our solid wall insulation systems to be installed 365 days of the year!

  • 25 year + manufacturer warranty

Looking for peace of mind? All our EWI systems come with a 25 year manufacturer warranty provided the installer has attended our training courses.